Home Gardening For The Non-Gardener: Grow Club Update

Article by Sarah Samedi, High! Canada

Home Gardening For The Non-Gardener: Grow Club Update

Hey everyone! Welcome to chapter two of our Homegrown Adventure, where I’ll be talking about what happens with germination, as well as what products we’ve come across to help with the growing process.

HK and I jumped the gun a little with our seeds from Royal Queen Seed Bank, and did a lot wrong, as it turns out. The seeds germinated fantastically, and planted well into peat pads. I documented their growth from kernel and root to wee little green sprout, but we let them stay in the peat for too long and in just a bit too much moisture. We had a little bit of algae by the me we transplanted, and plenty of ny white roots, but five of our sprouts went into transplant shock! This means, basically, they almost died, and that would forever verify that I can’t grow a thing.

We watched them carefully, treated them with lots of love and care (and yes, I still talked to them for a little bit of extra CO2), and they’re slowly recovering. We’ve also run into issues with not having enough nutrients, then too much, so these little guys are currently getting a ph balanced water bath. All of these setbacks mean we now know what to look for, and really didn’t know what we were doing. We sll don’t, essentially, and we are putting the feelers out to you, our readers, to give us advice on how to have healthy plants. Ideally, we’d like someone with experience in our vicinity who would come by and check on our plants about once a week and advise us on what we need to be doing.

Not only have we received some unique strains from Elite Kings Genecs, Canuk and Northern Seed Bank have stepped up and provided us with a pair of truly beautiful strains to grow. Correspondence with both of these companies have been fantastic, and I’m truly looking forward to sharing our grow experience with them, and you.

Alongside the peat pads, we’ve gotten rockwool through Homegrown Hydroponics, and are feeling a lile bit like green scientists, experiencing two different grow mediums, and how they – our plants – will turn out. All told, we have over 20 seeds to germinate with and grow, and when they’re ready for transplant, we have rockwool, SoHum nutrient-rich soil, and healthy soil that needs nutrients added. Let’s grow cannabis with science!

When it comes to nutrients, Dutch Nutrients have provided both Gro-A and Gro-B while our plants are growing big and healthy, as well as bloom nutrients when we’re ready to flower. These will go into the soil provided by Homegrown Hydroponics at certain dilutions in the water we feed with, depending on how far into the vegetative state the plants are.

The babies we have are looking a little bit like they’ve got a nutrient deficiency, but just like the other issues we’ve tackled so far, HK and I are taking all the proper cautions on making sure what we’re calling our practice plants still get to be big and strong. This is our test run, and while it isn’t going great, it certainly isn’t a disaster. The tent and lights provided by Cedar Island LED, who are based out of Southern Ontario are amazing and even with the (we think) nutrient deficiency, their LED’s have had even our sickly plants growing very quickly.

It’s an exciting project we’ve embarked on, and of course there are going to be hurdles along the way! We have all the tools to get us up to a tall, vegetative stage, and even into flowering! I’m impatient, I’ve got to be honest. Impatient for these little guys to be strong and tall, and to see what kind of flowers we get from EKG’s seeds: Chemdawg, Sour Diesel and Caspian Tiger; and Canuk: Critical Widow and Citrus Skunk.

If you are in the Hamilton/Burlington area, can drive, and are experienced with growing cannabis, please get a hold of me via my social media, and I’ll give you all the details.

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