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High! Canada: Weed Girls

Wondering what exactly are the ‘Weed Girls’? Their standard answer is that they are a growing community of women who celebrate the 420 lifestyle. Sharing Cannabis recipes and product reviews online. You can also ind informative articles about a variety of topics. Some of the articles on their blog are personal, educational, some are about the culture and some even explore aspects of the Cannabis industry. The women vary in age and backgrounds, sharing their love for Cannabis with everyone.

First, meet Kelly Chronic! She is a Calgary girl who is a long-time Cannabis activist and medical user. She has been using Cannabis to treat Crohn’s Disease successfully for over a decade, without the use of prescription medications. Writing for several Cannabis related blogs and publications, sharing what she knows with others. Her latest project was completing a 420 cookbook, look for that coming soon!

Kelly also works for the local 420 Clinic, which has brought purpose and direction to her life. Helping others to obtain their medical Marijuana prescription and educating them on safe and responsible use. Passion has brought her a long way and the future looks bright for Kelly, with several opportunities within the industry. Don’t miss a post and follow her @growgirlyyc on social media.

Miss Amy Blaze resides in Calgary, Alberta but is a true Vernon, BC Bud Girl. Amy was diagnosed with PTSD and was involved in a MVA that has resulted in a lifelong spinal injury.

After trying every thing her doctors prescribed with unfavorable results, Amy started using Cannabis as a medical treatment. Since becoming educated with the benefits of THC & CBD, Amy has successfully helped many people in her network to figure out the best combinations and ratios to effectively relieve their pain and or help symptoms.

Cannabis has allowed Amy to live and to move without pain. To experience life without anxiety while doing daily activities that would normally cause a panic attack.

Amy has been lucky enough to see the world through a different perspective , to be happy and content with her life on a daily basis and to gr o w, Cannabis has given Amy her life back. Watch for her upcoming blog posts, VLOGS and check out her Instagram for updated adventures!

Lady Arielle Jane is a passionate smoker and car enthusiast. She ills her time with awesome adventures, car meets, and smoking with friends. Arielle is also a full-time automotive participant and a full-time student. Catch her adventures on her Instagram page and YouTube channel.

CannaJos is an Edmonton based cosplayer and costume seamstress. She is active in the comic convention community and is an advocate for cosplayers with disabilities. She shares about Cannabis and leads the way to obtain legal access to Cannabis in Canada for those she meets daily. Cannajos was diagnosed with and suffers from Multiple Sclerosis which is debilitating on the worst days with bouts of relapse being a possibility at any given moment. Cannabis is the only relief she has found from symptoms without any unpleasant side effects. It has brought back an appetite, the ability to get a full night’s rest, and helped with depression and anxiety. Migraines have also been relieved this way. Cannajos went from having debilitating migraines sometimes daily for months on end to a migraine once a month if at all. She has also found relief from spasticity, which is an uncontrollable tightening of muscles. Vaporizing almost instantly relaxes those muscles and Cannajos is able to carry on with her day.

It is more important to understand what the Weed Girls are not. At this time, none of the women are professional models or have journalism backgrounds. They have regular jobs in addition to their work within the community. Unlike most of the other Weed Girls seen online, they offer value and not just cute pictures. These girls, or women are individuals with a mission to end the negative stigma Cannabis users experience. Building a growing community of strong minded, passionate women to help each other and the cause.

For now, they appear at local events and at industry related expos. Talking to the public, showing them that using Cannabis doesn’t make you lazy, scary or incapable. The bigger plan is open legal dispensaries in Canada with the roll-out of recreational Marijuana happening next year, which the whole country is looking forward to!

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