High! Canada Reviews Grizzlers Pre Rolls

Article by Rick Phillips High! Canada

High! Canada Reviews Grizzlers Pre Rolls

Grizzlers PreRolls have set the bar quite high! Featuring a beautiful slip-open top cardboard package, the cardboard itself is a stronger gauge than used for tobacco and rolling papers, as nothing could be worse than a pocket of broken prerolls.

Each package contains five cannabis joints, and from the first to the fifth – the quality and consistency of the product itself, as well as the preroll’s physical fill and construction, maintains a quality worthy of all traditionalists.

The packs themselves are all individually wrapped, giving them storage life as well as weather resistance. Once opened I found that the heavy carton helped maintain the prerolls freshness given you keep the package closed when not partaking.

Something that intrigued me the most was the strain information contained within each package. Detailed, concise and entertainingly educational. I felt compelled to read about what I was going to be smoking, even as a veteran enthusiast I was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of the descriptions. From the effect of the high to flavour of the smoke and even some plant information or even history.

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