High! Canada: Rebecca Taube

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High! Canada: Rebecca Taube

High! Canada Magazine was also lucky enough to sit down with the founder of the Lost Organization – Rebecca Taube.

You are an inspirational person with a very unique story – tell us about your own personal cannabis origin story?

I consider my cannabis story quite unique. Unlike most, I didn’t go looking for cannabis; cannabis found me. While I was in the early stages of building a mental health support community called The LOST Organization, I was introduced to Clint Young, the CEO of MMJ Canada. Though I was unfamiliar with the cannabis industry, Clint believed that LOST would be a perfect resource for his patients. MMJ is a medical cannabis dispensary, and more than often, the patients walking through the door are struggling with some type of mental illness. After several meetings, we decided to discuss a collaboration; cannabis and mental health. To better understand the industry, I took a job with MMJ as the manager of their first East Coast location in Hamilton’s Hess Village. It took me half a day to recognize the need of this collaboration. Cannabis needed LOST, and from there, MMJ Canada and The LOST Organization partnered to bring this resource to patients across Canada. Now, LOST operates full time in Hamilton, and has plans to expand all over the country.

Tell us about some of the challenges and or adversity you have faced so far on your chosen path?

Choosing this path has taken a lot of faith and belief in myself. Working at MMJ during the early stages of legalization was stressful. We knew we were doing the right thing, but the constant raids and threats of arrest kept our emotions and anxiety high. I could have given up or walked away many times, but instead I chose to fight and keep going. At the end of the day, I can’t imagine myself doing anything but this. The fight was worth the challenges that came along with it.

How did you move past those challenges?

Like I said, believing in myself was my most important tool. No matter what adversity I faced; whether it be doubt from others, scrutiny, or hardship, I always believed in myself and my ability to succeed. It was also helpful to have support from the entire MMJ staff. MMJ was, and still is, a tightknit family.

Advice for other women entering the cannabis industry?

Be strong and never lose sight of what you want. People will doubt you, and at times, they will make you feel inadequate, but that should never take away from who you are. Though we will inevitably face people who challenge us, we will always walk alongside people who support us. Make sure that you have someone cheering for you, and when that isn’t possible, don’t be afraid to cheer for yourself. Tell yourself everyday; I can achieve greatness.

Three things you feel everyone needs?

I believe that everyone needs to take risks. I’ve often been scrutinized by others who believe my actions have been reckless or impulsive, but at the end of the day, I simply put all my cards on the table and risked everything for what I knew was right. Along with that, everyone needs to believe in themselves. Don’t give up, no matter what. And lastly, surround yourself with people who love you unconditionally. It’s the people, places, and things that we surround ourselves with that empower us, so chose wisely and accept what you deserve.

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