High Canada: Eva’s Cannalife

Article by Evanghelia K, High! Canada

High Canada: Eva's Cannalife

Hello & happy November all you gorgeous souls. Hope you’re all ready for the Winter months lying ahead of us & gearing up for those hibernation days where its too cold to go anywhere.

I know… Who wants to think of that? Probably not many of us, so I decided to do a little research for you guys and see which online dispensaries are the go-to when you really don’t want to leave home; but obviously still need your Medicinal so why not get it delivered to your front door step?

After days of research, interviewing the ones I felt like went above and beyond for their customers & comparing prices, I have to say in my opinion the best Dispensaries out there are Buddies Canada at: buddiescanada.ca , CannaWorld at: CannaWorld.ca and Canada Bliss Herbals at: canadablissherbals.com.

I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the many handsome boys at Buddies Canada, so I took that opportunity to do a quick Interview so I could share with you what makes this company stick out from the rest.

Q: Where did the name “Buddies” come from?

A: We felt like we wanted more of a “personal connection” then most online dispensaries offer. We wanted to open up the customer service aspect so people don’t Just feel like another customer. So here at Buddies we don’t have customers, we have Buddies. We’re all part of the Buddie Family, so when we bring someone new into the Buddie family – they become part of the team and we treat them as we would a friend or family member. Whenever there’s transactions done with our buddies, we bring that feel of it and we’ve noticed a positive feedback that way. We enjoy interacting with our Buddies, so our buddies know they can reach out to us about any questions or concerns they may have and our response time is always fast. We researched the average time it takes for people to get a response from other online dispensaries & it takes 4 – 5 days. One day we were reading reviews and one of the biggest things that stood out to us was that Buddies response time was 1- 5 minutes per email, day or night. We want to make everyone feel like part of the family and have that one on one interaction with all our buddies.

Q: What made you guys decide to get into the industry or start Buddies Canada?

A: We saw what was out there with online dispensaries, how they were being run, the prices they were charging & most of all the horrible customer service they had. We wanted to do something where we actually interact with our Buddies, have answers for their questions & make them feel as they would walking into a store front & give them the best prices possible. Our biggest Goal has been great customer service & keeping our buddies happy and we’re now seeing through so many online reviews how much our Buddies appreciate it.

Q: What makes your online stand out from the rest of the online dispensaries besides great service & amazing prices?

A: We have what we call a “Buddies Experience” which comes with a reward program. With the reward Program our Buddies receive Buddie Points with Purchases, Social media posts, Shout outs & Weekly contests. Every few months we have a huge getaway, so our Buddie with the most points is the winner.

We’re always doing weekly contests, social media giveaways, bringing in new products or showcasing something new so make sure to check back often through social media & our online store to see whats happening.

Q: What Drives you? I know your work schedule is 19+ hours a day, 7 days a week so what is it that keeps you going?

A: Knowing I’m helping people. I know many people that use Medicinal marijuana to control pain, sleeping disorders, anxiety, along with so many other things instead of pharmaceuticals, so knowing I’m helping those people out makes the sleepless nights worth it.

So if you Haven’t already checked Buddies Canada out give them a looksie, The Tank top I’m sporting in the photo also available from Buddies Canada.

Hope all you beautiful beings have an amazing November & talk to you next month!

Xoxx Evanghelia K

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