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When you look at the Canadian cannabis landscape, I think it is alarming how everything is evolving so quickly, as large mergers and acquisitions happen frequently on a daily basis. Part of my passion as a canna writer, is always looking for the “What’s next?” I am always researching new companies and occasionally I get lucky.

One such company that dares to be different is taking a unique approach to the expanding into the cannabis market is Medical Marijuana Group Corp (MMG); a Canadian Licensed Producer approved to cultivate medical cannabis through the ACMPR and on the verge of obtaining its Sales License.

Taking a tour of their St. Thomas, Ontario facility, MMG has a relatively small indoor operation, but talk to its leadership and their long-term goals are anything but small. MMG is owned by Golden Leaf Holdings, a North American Cannabis Company with assets in Oregon, Washington, Nevada and now Canada. MMG has plans to expand to California and Europe, but not in the manner one has come to expect.

When asked about MMG’s future strategic plan, President Phillip Millar said:

“We will leapfrog the rush to become farmers of giant crops of cannabis plants. Who would you rather be a barley farmer or Labatt’s? While other companies pour capital into ever expanding greenhouse fields, we are focusing on the ability to grow the best product and building brands.”

MMG’s parent company, Golden Leaf Holdings (GLH), is a market leader in edibles and cannabis oil production having won many awards for its products over the years. MMG will utilize its parent companies intellectual property to take full advantage of these markets when the government plans to expand access to these areas 12 months after the recreational market opens up in September of this year.

I love site tours and the MMG facility is a sight to see! It is abundantly clear that the team has leveraged its deep connections with major players from all over the country, to build a production site that is state of the art and finely tuned. Nowhere was that more evident than in it’s grow rooms. MMG received its Cultivation License in November of last year and in record time has not only built out the site but is on the brink of harvesting its first crops.

If the first crops are any indication of the team’s ability to grow cannabis, we can only imagine where they will go from there. I was talking with MMG’s Master Grower, Scott Fitzgerald about the impressive yields I observed in it’s grow rooms:

“What I love about these crops is the uniformity, if you look across the top of this room it looks like a pine forest of giant healthy buds almost all the same height, there is little variance because our control systems are so finely tuned. I am optimistic by nature but I never expected to see such amazing results on our first try.”

On our tour of one grow room we were shown a rare albino bud nestled amongst the dense collection of heavily crystallized neighbours. This genetic mutation is quite rare and the bud definitely stands out from the crowd, much like MMG! So keep an eye on this bud to grow!

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