Hash Church 2.0 Episode 14

Video by Bubbleman’s World

Join us for an in-depth look at some of the most influential cannabis crusaders over the course of the past 30 years. We are joined by Founder of WAMM the women alliance for medical marijuana. Valerie Corral.

“Something happened when they pushed me to the ground and put a gun to my head.” That quote is from Valerie Corral, a critical actor in the medical-marijuana movement. She was talking about the DEA raiding her garden and home in 2002. It was the third such raid she and her then-husband Mike Corral had suffered at the hands of law enforcement in a 10-year span, and it is her response to this act, as well as other pivotal work, puts her on my Cannabis Luminaries list.

Corral became interested in medical cannabis in the mid-1970s while recovering from a strange car accident in the Nevada desert. While she was driving on a lonesome stretch of road outside Reno, Nev., a small prop plane came out of the sky, bumping the roof of Corral’s Volkswagen and sending it careening end over end through rocks and brush. Her tiny 5-foot frame was knocked violently around the inside of the vehicle, leaving her with brain damage and epilepsy. Both conditions caused crippling migraines, blackouts, convulsions, and grand mal seizures. She was only 20 years old.

As well as Hilary Black who founded the first BC compassion club back in 1997-98 By 1997, she gathered a small number of like-minded herbalists, therapists and counselors to establish the B.C. Compassion Club Society.

The idea was to use cannabis as a “gateway herb” into other healthcare services.

Despite growing popular support, as a dispensary, the BCCCS still operated in a legal grey area. Black found herself in court “over and over” not to defend the club, but her cannabis suppliers.

“I have had a gun held to my head for being at a cannabis grow facility — and I’m a privileged white girl.”

Also we will be joined BY Forrest Hurd founder of www.caladriusnetwork.org

The Caladrius Network’s mission is to improve the quality of life of catastrophically ill children and their families through education and individualized family services.

Dragon Fly Earth Medicine will be in the house as well, Both Josh and Kelly always stoked to come and share their amazing information from organic cannabis growing. Always an inspiration

Of course we will have some of our regulars, Skunkman Sam. Myself, and a few others join in on the conversation.. so see you there 9am Sharp Sunday

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