Diseases Alleviated By Marijuana

Article by Michael Jacobs, for Dankr.ca

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Cannabis helps with a variety of diseases with fewer side effects than traditional drugs. Years of interference from the government have prevented researchers from studying the amazing effects of using medical cannabis. Until it gets removed from Schedule 1 status, it will be difficult to do so.

In the meantime, smaller studies have been done in universities and there is a boatload of anecdotal evidence about how cannabis helped many people through a variety of diseases. Here are five diseases that can be treated better through cannabis vaporization and why:

Cannabis and Cancer

Cannabis is not a cancer cure, but the side effects from chemotherapy can cause tremendous damage to the body. Cannabis can help with controlling the pain of chemotherapy and radiation. It can also help improve appetite and prevent the body from wasting away. Just having the ability to deal with these side effects can help patients stick longer with radiation and chemotherapy and complete their regimens, raising the likelihood of cancer going into remission.

Cannabis has been found to be a potential treatment for seizures in people with drug-resistant epilepsy. CBD is the compound most tested for this purpose and has shown significant improvements in seizures versus placebo in studies. However, about 10% of people who used it ended up having worse symptoms overall. Therefore, if you plan on using cannabis to treat your epilepsy you should let your neurologist know in case this happens.

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Studies are still preliminary, but anecdotal reports say that cannabis is useful in controlling the symptoms of ADHD. Traditional treatments work by changing dopamine levels in the brain. Cannabis also changes dopamine in a similar way. However, more research is needed. This is difficult because most ADHD research is done on children and getting approval for cannabis testing in youths is tough.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition that’s poorly understood. What is understood is that the current drugs for treating it don’t do a very good job and have a lot of bad side effects. Around 60% of the users of the current three approved drugs for the condition say they don’t help at all. Cannabis, on the other hand, is reported by users to have a significant effect on the symptoms of the condition. Only 5% of fibromyalgia sufferers report no positive effects from cannabis.

Multiple Sclerosis
MS is a degenerative autoimmune disease. The immune system attacks the nerves over time and causes them to misfire. It is an incurable disease and quite painful. But cannabis is reported to help manage many of the pain symptoms to allow sufferers to lead more normal lives. Cannabis greatly controls inflammation, which is the major culprit in the eventual scarring that happens in MS patients. It also helps control pain, improves sleep and digestion, and can even help with vision problems that happen in later stages of the disease.

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Vaping is the best way use cannabis for these conditions because it allows more cannabinoids to enter the body compared to smoking. A dry herb vaporizer or a vape mod with cannabis oil can help you take advantage of this method. Edibles are another option for people who cannot or choose not to inhale cannabis for whatever reason, but vaporization provides faster effects.

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