What are the Different Kinds of Cannabis, and How Different are They?

Written by Marine Golding for Dankr.ca.

Indica Sativa Ruderalis Different kind of weed type of cannabis marijuana weed pot

Cannabis falls into three camps-indica, sativa and ruderalis. Indica and sativa are the more commonly seen and cultivated. Sativas are known for their cerebral effects, inspiring a storm of mind-expanding thoughts, stimulating the intellect and inspiring brain activity. Indicas are more relaxing, cerebrally calming and are excellent for assisting in falling asleep (or consuming all your food). Some prefer sativa, others prefer indica, users having favourable and unfavourable experiences with both. It comes down to personal taste and the purpose with which one approaches cannabis.

Within sativa and indica numerous strains have been cultivated, each offering slightly different ratios of THC to CBD and thus procuring markedly different effects. There are strain reviews online that can point the curious consumer to a strain known to suit their needs. Whatever use one derives from cannabis, there is a strain tailored for it. Coincidentally, it is prohibition itself that created the potency and genetic variation of modern day cannabis. In order to maximize yield and profit the plant was bred over and over for higher THC and specialized preferences.

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