Dear Herb: Can My Condo Board Ban Home Cannabis Cultivation in My Building?

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Dear Herb: Can my condo board ban home cannabis cultivation in my building? What condo boards can and can't do is a matter of provincial law Herb answers your questions about legal consumption and growing, the law, etiquette — you name it, he'll look into it.

Dear Herb: If a condominium passes a rule banning the growing of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes prior to legalization, would there be issues with this once cannabis becomes legal? — Condo Dweller

Dear Condo Dweller: The Cannabis Act takes effect Oct. 17 and will legalize the cultivation, by an adult, of up to four cannabis plants per home for recreational purposes (as long as the cannabis being grown was legally obtained). Nothing in that federal law directly speaks to the ability of condo boards to allow or disallow cannabis cultivation.

But condominium governance is a matter of provincial and territorial law in Canada; therefore, the specific answer to your question depends on where you live, and what kinds of powers are granted to condo boards by your province’s condominium law.

Generally speaking, the fact that the federal law is legalizing home cannabis cultivation in a limited form will hamper a condo board’s ability to ban cannabis cultivation on the basis that it’s against the law. One Ontario condo law firm has even recommended that condo boards in that province could pre-empt the law change by passing a rule before recreational cannabis use becomes legal.

“If the rule comes into effect before recreational cannabis use becomes legal, then there would be no requirement to grandfather any existing residents, other than those who use cannabis for legitimate medicinal purposes,” suggested the legal minds at Fine & Deo.

Condo corporations could also create rules banning cannabis cultivation on the basis that it would void the building’s insurance coverage, writes lawyer David Cumming of McLeod Law in Calgary.

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