Corporate Consumables: Why Buy Edibles?

Article by Jay Schmoeker, Twelve High Chicks

Corporate Consumables: Why Buy Edibles?

We’ve been critical of the influx of commercial interest in the growing cannabis industry, yet here we are reviewing corporate edibles. The cannabis community swaps lots of recipes and skills, why buy the end product instead of sharing the way to make it? Not all cannabis patients that can benefit from edibles can make them; in smaller towns or less-accepting cities finding a friendly, trustworthy, reliable edibles-maker isn’t easy; and these days there are a lot more medicinal edibles available commercially than just baked goods.

Pot Products

Edibles are an excellent way to consume cannabis for patients who cannot ingest it in other ways. Many patients aren’t able to make their own for a variety of reasons from impedance to lack of interest.

Like me! I don’t make my own edibles. I came back to cannabis as an adult so I have no experience and I don’t really bake. Plus, vaping and smoking give me the effects I usually want. But I enjoy edibles, and had a blast when we received a bunch from Buddingham Palace to review!

Standard Reminder

Eating more edibles because you don’t think the edibles are working is how people end up needing emergency response space and time. I know about how long edibles take to hit me; if you don’t know for yourself, please give each edible an hour to work. Do not over-indulge overly quick.

I also had non-infused drinks and snacks on hand. Because treating edibles munchies with more edibles is another way people end up taking up emergency response space and time, unnecessarily.

Goodies Galore

The assortment from Buddington Palace ranged from classic to creative: cookies, drinks, and candy!

Canna Cookies

The cookies came from Buddington Place but were made by the Wake ‘N’ Bakery in Toronto. Even if we didn’t work together, I trust Tracy Curley’s expert baking way more than my own. Since the cookies weren’t uniform — they had different ingredients and possibly different baking methods — I tried each on their own before consuming any other cannabis.

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