Cannabis Stigma is Unfair When ‘Wine O’Clock’ is Widely Celebrated by Moms

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LIFE Cannabis stigma is unfair when ‘wine o’clock’ is widely celebrated by moms By Brandie Weikle Contributing Columnist

It’s time for us to get off our high horses about parents who like to unwind with a little cannabis.

It’s been more than a year since recreational cannabis use became legal in Canada, yet parents who like to smoke a little marijuana to unwind after a long day of wiping boogers and taming tantrums say others look down on them for doing so.

That’s unfair given that so many of us engage in a socially sanctioned form of drug use — drinking alcohol.

That stigma is what prompted two Ontario moms to start a Facebook group called Canadian 420 Moms in November 2018. It’s since grown to more than 2,300 members. They’ve also started a website at

“Alcohol is so socially intertwined with being out and being social that no one really bats an eye,” says co-founder Riley Parratt, of Kingston, who has a two-year-old daughter.

She and Brampton mom of two, Hollie Quinn, started the group to create a safe space for moms who want to connect with each other about both everyday life with kids, as well as their preference for weed over rosé.

“In other mom groups there’s a lot of cattiness” — including on the subject of cannabis, says Parratt. “As soon as anyone mentions that a mom indulges in cannabis there’s a huge stigma.”

That stigma suggests that if you’re under the slightest influence of cannabis, you’ll be unfit to parent. Yet our culture is perfectly comfortable with moms parenting their way through “wine o’clock” any day of the week.

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