A Very Cannabis Christmas: Bringing Better to The Marijuana Mainstream

Article by Irie Selkirk, High! Canada

A Very Cannabis Christmas: Bringing Better to The Marijuana Mainstream

This isn’t going to be your typical list of items that you can click through to order immediately—although I’ll include a few to simplify your life. Instead, this information is simply designed to help one recognize what the cannabis consumer enjoys… something that some of the provincial governments seem to be avoiding at all costs.

When you think about the cannabis connoisseurs in your life, what is it exactly that sticks out? They’re usually a little more laid back. They know how to unwind without losing control and the holiday season is one of the easiest times to champion how safe and harmless cannabis really is. (It’s also one of the best ways to combat that hangover. Trust me on this.)

What do we like? We like ritual and relaxing, or we value efficiency and discretion. We dislike judgment and stigma, and we enjoy enhancing our positives and quelling our negatives. And really, we are starting to feel like we’re finally getting a bit of breathing room. It’s the perfect time to celebrate with some accessories that won’t be out of place with that bottle of wine or coffee table book.

You can get those stone ice cubes for the whiskey drinker, an Instant Pot (not that kind of pot) for your culinary friend, automatic wine opener for your imbibing neighbours, or a fruit tree in another country or donation for the non-consumer mates on your list. So what do you buy the cannabis lover in your life? Well, hopefully soon you can get them some beautiful buds from a storefront on your way to a holiday party. However, until we all get to that point there are still a number of options sure to please the cannabis enthusiast, as well as the cannabis curious.

We are aware that non-consumers notice the smell and can turn up their noses at our very particular floral scent, so gifts that embrace (or erase) that scent can go over well. There are essential oil diffusers and blends, scent-proof bags for travel and function like Smelly Proof, Abscent or Stashlogix, or more fashionable accessories such as Van der Pop, Erbanna and Anabis. Picture a shawl or wrap for your cousin always popping outside for a puff after dinner, or a stealthy pipe, like the Genius or Journey. There really are options for all different kinds of cannabis users. High-end vaporizers like the Pax or Firefly or sleek vape pens like Alair and Toko available in dispensaries and online.

For the more hands-on, DIY cannabis enthusiast, think edibles and lotions, with a Magical Butter or Levo machine. These kitchen gadgets are easy ways to infuse oils for baking and making topicals. And you can include some silicone trays for dosing the oils out for storage. With storage in mind, Ahlot, Cannaseur, Cannador and Marley Naturals offer beautiful wooden storage boxes for flowers and concentrates. Thin modern “liquor cabinet” style. I think the Apothecarry case and Greeenskeeper are great (although I’d love the Greenskeeper to be glass for storage) and rolling kits (pre-fab or build your own at a local head shop) can make smoker friendly stocking stuffers. Tokyo Smoke, Roach-a-Rama, RAW and RYOT all have great options. Don’t forget the empty pre-roll cones and Crowns filter tips available in stores and online.

There are so many great books available now that we are embracing the end of prohibition and the age of accurate cannabis information and culture. Many of these books are written by Canadians to suit any cannabis curious individual—from medical information, growing your own or how to roll the perfect joint. You’ll want to check out Dana Larsen’s amazing series and some classics like The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer.

Definitely shop around on Etsy, there’s a great selection of cannabis accessories, tools, clothing items, jewellery, one of a kind dab tools. Also, Shopmilkweed.ca has some beautiful options and the most stunning rolling kit that might just be sold out by the time this prints, the Provision Tin is on my list this year.

For that old school cannabis smoker, a beautiful “heady” piece of glass is always a hit and a great way to support local cannabis entrepreneurs. Check out Instagram and your local head shop, and of course, there’s always MOM (mail order marijuana) websites to get the real deal (buyer beware). A Google search will lead you in the right direction here and you can find reviews online as well to ease any concerns.

We want what every else wants for the holidays, good friends, health and happiness. We just use cannabis to enhance those experiences…so take an idea and see if you can put some weed in it.

And as with every holiday season, it’s important to support your local businesses and entrepreneurs. And along with many Canadians, I’m dreaming about the day I can show up at a dinner gifting the host with a lush bouquet of some of the country’s finest kush from a local shop.

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