Cannabis and Social: Media How To Navigate New Digital Waters

Article by Colin Bambury, High! Canada

Cannabis and Social: Media How To Navigate New Digital Waters

Social media is the current state of the Internet. The majority of Internet usage is through smartphones and more than half of the time spent on a mobile device is spent in a social media application. These are valuable places to market and brand because the platforms have the consumer’s undivided attention. Social media is crucial for any business including Canada’s cannabis licensed producers.

LinkedIn is the business professional social network. Perfect for B2B marketing, recruiting and corporate culture. Cannabis corporations use this platform to publish industry editorials and business announcements. This content can attract potential investors, partners, and clients. Licensed producers can post job listings and network with qualified candidates all in one place.

Facebook Advertising is the most underpriced ad product in modern times. The return on investment is immediate and easily measurable. Facebook’s targeting feature allows businesses to select specific demographics, interests and Internet behavior for advertising campaigns. Marketing dollars are only allocated to users in the selected target market that will be interested in the offerings.

Cannabis companies need to be careful when promoting on Facebook because of advertising restrictions surrounding drugs and pharmaceuticals. The businesses that know how to successfully maneuver through these hurdles will have an edge on the competition.

Instagram Influencers & Communities have the most attention out of any social network. Instagram is great for building a brand online and connecting with the Canadian cannabis community. Influencers are modern day brand ambassadors. Users look to specific reviewers to find the best Licensed Producers and cannabis products. Instagram also allows you to search within #hashtag communities and engage to provide value to users. This creates a following, which is essentially a database of individuals that can be asked questions and marketed to.

New Emerging Platforms are created every day. Podcasts and audio-based technology is becoming increasingly important to businesses. Virtual reality will be an important marketing tool for organizations within the next decade. Early adopters of new social media platforms and technology will have the disproportionate advantage. It is essential to constantly research and experiment with emerging platforms.

Content Creation is increasingly important in a visual marketing environment. Original product photos, informational content, and infographics are valuable brand assets that can be used for a variety of marketing applications.

Community Engagement allows a business to start and respond to relevant conversations to build brand, loyalty, and trust. Quickly respond to customer questions and concerns. Monitor and prevent potential PR disasters.

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About Colin Bambury

My name is Colin Bam. I am a striving cannabis entrepreneur, student, and writer. I started in this industry by creating an edible company that provided healthy alternatives for patients. Our protein bars were featured in Vice’s “Toronto’s Cannabis Candyland” documentary. I worked as a Budtender at two dispensaries in Toronto. During that time I learned so much about the plant and the people that it helps. I enjoyed meeting the diverse faces of our industry and fell in love with the business of cannabis. Now I provide social media marketing services for brands in the space, including the largest and first marijuana technology company. In my monthly segment I strive to research and explain how cannabis can be used responsibly to enhance your mental and physical health, relationships, and personal success. I believe that the marijuana plant is a multifaceted miracle substance that needs to be shared and studied.

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