Canada’s Confusing Drug Laws

Article by Gideon,

As you may already know, alcohol and tobacco cause millions of deaths worldwide, with a recent report stating alcohol as one of the greatest public health risks in Canada today. Yet these two poisonous substances are not only approved by general society, but promoted and distributed in mass, even by government operated businesses like the LCBO in Canada.

As a Canadian, it is your duty to know what is happening to your fellow people and where your hard-earned money is going, so let me offer you some statistics for the sake of clarity.

In 2002, 4,258 deaths in Canada were related to alcohol abuse, representing 1.9% of all Canadian deaths that year. Costs related to alcohol in Canada during that year equalled approximately $14.6 billion in taxpayer money. Another interesting point I noticed is that among psychoactive drugs, alcohol related disorders were the top cause of hospitalizations in Canada in 2011.  I can only imagine these numbers being significantly higher today with the vast increase of LCBO outlets and their generated sales of over $20 billion in 2014!

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Now, let’s talk about tobacco use in Canada. Just to keep things consistent let’s stick with the same year. In just 2002, tobacco use accounted for more than 230,000 deaths in Canada, representing over 17% of all deaths in Canada during that year alone. It also shocked me to find out that each day, over 100 Canadians die of tobacco use.

When you start to put all the numbers together, it is clear to see how truly fatal these two toxins are, but you’d never guess given their easy accessibility and the way they’re regarded in society. Yet cannabis, a plant that studies prove offers several health benefits and has been used safely for thousands of years is still being regarded as dangerous and even criminal.

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To put things simply, Canadians are allowed to kill themselves with two legal and recreational poisons, but are going to jail for consuming something with health benefits, despite it being legalized everywhere else in the world.

In a time where everything seems upside down, this is of no surprise. Nothing seems to make sense any more, that is, if it can even be trusted. The same Canadian government that promised its citizens legalization to generate votes, is the same government still arresting its citizens almost four years later.

Canadians have been fighting for access to cannabis for so long, and by classifying it as a medicine it strengthened our argument and resulted in the government creating a medicinal marijuana program. This gave some Canadians much needed legal access, but it also pigeonholed the plant into being miscategorized and handled as any other “drug”, giving the government full power and opportunity to control the legal industry completely, from access, to distribution, to packaging, to marketing to profits…even moreso than tobacco and alcohol. I bet no tobacconists or breweries ever had to argue about medical benefits in order to have them legalized. The people wanted them, and that was reason enough.

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Here’s something else I find ridiculous..

Anyone with even a novice understanding on cannabis knows that concentrates and edibles are the healthiest forms of ingesting the plant, but despite this, they were never offered or allowed in the medicinal marijuana program and are even considered illegal forms of cannabis in Canada till today. This leaves the legal medicinal marijuana user with mainly two options; smoke or vape marijuana flowers (of which vapourizing is healthier). Given that the Liberal government are attempting to ban all medical marijuana use or vaping in many public spaces and wherever tobacco use is prohibited, and given that not all medical marijuana users are able to smoke or vape at home, where do they go now?

So while medical cannabis patients have no way to access cannabis in its healthiest forms legally and are prohibited to smoke or vape in discreet and safe places like vapour lounges, heroin users are offered a variety of addiction clinics and injection sites to choose from to consume their drugs privately and safely, where some facilities even give them free heroin! As I said earlier…upside down world.

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Plain and simple, marijuana has been safely consumed by millions around the world recreationally and medicinally for thousands of years, and as adults we should be allowed to consume it as we wish. For as long as people are able to smoke cigarettes, drink themselves to stupidity, and eat Mcdonalds and chemical-laced foods, marijuana users should be allowed to consume something that makes them feel happier, suffer less, sleep better, have a healthy appetite, and oh yeah, that other thing… treat their cancer.

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