Canada Will Change The World Forever With Marijuana Legalization, Here’s How

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News Canada Will Change The World Forever With Marijuana Legalization, Here's How Canada will be the revered destination the United States once was.

The legalization of recreational marijuana is only days away in Canada.

This grand experiment will draw the attention of the world.

While legalization may seem like a small innovation amongst the monumental scale of world history, its effects will, in fact, be sweeping.

Marijuana legalization will be transformative. With this step, Canada is poised to change the world and its standing within it.

Here’s how:

Canada will become the true leader of the free world

With legalization, Canada will have a more legitimate claim to the title of “leader of the free world.” Most simply, legalization will give citizens and residents of Canada more freedom than their American counterparts.

But it’s more than that, too. Legalization will undermine the costly and unethical “War on Drugs,” which has dominated American foreign and domestic policy for decades. Indeed, the War on Drugs is the centrepiece of American imperialism.

Through this “war,” the U.S. has militarized its law enforcement agencies, ravaged communities in Latin America, installed and supported corrupt regimes, and fostered cartel violence. The U.S. has used drugs as an excuse to carry out military incursions and maintain its political and economic grip on countries in Central America.

The War on Drugs also bolsters white supremacy. Despite the fact that the vast majority of drug users and sellers are white, most of the people incarcerated for drug-related offenses, especially those involving marijuana, are men of colour.

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