Blessed Edibles: An Athletic Journey

Article by Angelina Blessed.

Angelina Blessed Edibles Athletic Journey Weed

Angelina began Muay Thai training in 2005. Unlike many Canadians who fly south to escape the bone chilling winter temperatures of Toronto, Angelina chose a much farther destination, Thailand… leading to the beginning of a true passion for the Thai culture and the art of Muay Thai.

Since then, she has returned each winter for a heavy dose of training, fighting and relaxation. As an athlete, Angelina pushes herself to be the best with intense training, self-care and injury recovery. During the span of her career (and because of the nature of the sport), she has suffered many injuries from both training and competing. As a result, the fuel she puts in her body is equally important to learning the best Muay Thai techniques and forms. However, Angelina takes it one step further. Over the years Angelina has explored many treatments and part of her regular program includes Flotation Therapy at Float Toronto and cannabis consumption to aid in athletic recovery, decrease anxiety and help with relaxation.

Blessed Edibles

Running is part of her daily training and smoking cannabis affected her running and as a result Angelina began looking for other ways to consume. Her journey led her to try cannabis edibles. By ingesting she could get the benefits from the THC without affecting her lungs. The only problem was all the edibles were candy like and sugary; perfect for stoners looking for a junk food fix but this is not what she was looking for. Angelina wanted the medicinal qualities of cannabis in a high quality food product that would fit into her very health conscious and sometimes very strict training diet. The problem was these products were not available or very limited so she began making them herself. By doing so, she knew exactly what strain of marijuana was used, she could control the dosage and hand select the ingredients. For example, she could insure that processed or refined ingredients such as; white sugar, corn syrup, bleached flour or margarine were not used. This was the start of Blessed Edibles.

Angelina Blessed Edibles Athletic Journey Weed

The effects of using healthy high quality ingredients were immediately self-evident. Angelina saw the results in her own body from the products she was making and using. She had faster recovery time, less inflammation, better sleep quality, less pain, and more relaxation. She became enamoured with learning everything she could about cannabis. This included the complex endocannabinoid system and terpenes, trying to find a way she could use this knowledge to help herself and others. It is this desire to help herself and others that has led her to focus on whole food ingredients and whole bud extractions.

Blessed Edibles Weed Edibles

Blessed Edible products are made under strict rules and tested for THC and CBD levels. Each package is clearly labelled with the strain of cannabis, dosage information, THC and CBD content and a list of ingredients. While Angelina developed her products specifically for athletic recovery and rest, her clients include people looking for alternative ways to help manage chronic illness and pain, or people who suffer from mental health issues like PTSD and anxiety.

Blessed Edibles Capsules

As more people become aware of the medicinal benefits of cannabis for the mind and body the more people are looking for an alternative to smoking. Angelina’s first hand experience as an athlete drives her passion around making beneficial, healthy and safe edibles for herself, other athletes and beyond. She hopes that legalization will include an edible market where she can continue her exploration and development with medicated cannabis edibles and products.

Blessed Edibles Oatmeal Chocolate Love Weed Cookie

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About Angelina Blessed

Angelina Blessed is a high level athlete who has been doing Muay Thai since 2005. She uses cannabis to help recuperate from her training and needed to find a way other than smoking to consume it. Angelina started Blessed Edibles to provide healthy edibles to athletic patients.

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