Ben and Bubba’s Wonderful Highlights of Hamilton!

Article by Phil Wong, High! Canada

HAMMER HIGHLIGHTS! Featuring Ben and Bubba’s Wonderful Highlights of Hamilton! By Phil Wong

Recently, I spent a lot of time with Clint in Hamilton and it was an eye opening experience as we toured the MMJ stores, LOST and some places where he grew up. It was a very interesting tour with Clint, as he gave me a lot of history on Hamilton. I noticed there was a lot of real estate development and construction going on in the area, and was interested in finding out more about the city’s future plans.

With a population of 747,545 (as of CMA 2018), the city is going through a growth revitalization as housing sales are a slightly better option than the GTA. With Waterfront redevelopment plans for West Harbour, you will also notice galleries, cafes and shared bike lanes. With soaring prices in the Toronto area, it’s no wonder you see an influx of younger families and hipsters moving into this area. Hamilton is very forward thinking and is working with the cannabis community, as Hamilton has over 70 dispensaries and growing, hence the new tagline #newhamsterdam! Wanting to spend a day in New Hamsterdam, I called on my Hammer buddies, Ben and Bubba from Hello Cannabis, who were more than happy to show me around New Hamsterdam as they know it!

We started the day off with the breakfast of champions stopping off at GranDad’s ( )! Great selection of freshly made donuts! I went with the Canadian Maple and coffee!

Our next destination was courtesy of the Royal Botanical Gardens (, which has numerous nature walks and bike trails throughout the Hamilton Burlington area. We started the day off at the Cherry Hill Trail, where Bubba promised me that we would be feeding animals out of our hands! Much like a Disney movie, he wasn’t kidding, it was a magical moment! Make sure you have lots of treats to feed the critters.

Exploring more of the RBG, we made our way to the top at Tiffany Falls, for a quick photo op and then made our way to the Urquart Butterfly Garden.

On the road and Bubba decided to kick it into high gear by cranking “Dangerzone!” That moment will live with me forever! Turns out Bubba is a huge fan of Top Gun! Needing a quick break, we pulled for a quick butter tart break at Dyment’s Farms ( followed by a quick round of mini golf. Amazing butter tarts! You should check this place out as I hear they do weddings and have some fun October events for families.

Next, was the Dundurn National Historic Site and Historic Kitchen Garden. Wandering through the site was very picturesque. We came across a Sensitive Plant, which closes its leaves once touched. Pretty interesting plants! Apparently, when the first settlers arrived, they bought a whole bunch of plants from their motherland for food and comfort. ( ton-civic-museums/dundurn-nationalhistoric-site)

Bubba and Ben scheduled us a float session at Zee Float ( This was a first for me, as I have heard a lot of people rave about floating. It was a pretty interesting and now that I know what you expect, I would probably enjoy it more a second time. But a word of warning, you do go in buck naked, and it’s not for everyone. Some people who have sensitive skin or claustrophobic may not enjoy it as much, as it is filled with a lot of salt water (10 inches of water) in an enclosed chamber. For after, they also had a nice chill out room with an oxygen breather with different flavours and refreshing organic beverages! Very relaxing!

Our last destination for the day was Hutch’s on the Beach (! Go carting, beach, sun, ice cream, fish and chips and all in walking distance. Great little area to chill for the afternoon! Don’t forget your folding chairs and umbrella, not much shade out there! Hutch’s has been there forever, the place has a cottage feel to it! Lots of things for the kids to do as well!

New Hamsterdam has lots of fun and exciting things to do! I will be updating a list on our FB, which will include some other cool places like record shops, antiquing, and dispensaries.

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