AHLOT Going On: Catching up with Greg Pantelic, CEO at AHLOT

Article by Phil Wong, High! Canada

AHLOT Going On: Catching up with Greg Pantelic, CEO at AHLOT

I first met Greg Pantelic, CEO of AHLOT at the BRNT Designs Gala this summer. It was funny, as it seems like we are picking up where we left off, Greg great seeing you again!

I recall when we first met that you had a passion for the industry, but how did you get into the cannabis space?

I’ve always been super passionate about the plant and felt it never got the credit it deserved. Also, I’ve always been entrepreneurial and always wanted to work on a consumer packaged goods. Creating AHLOT was a no-brainer, as it’s the perfect combination of my passions, strengths and understanding of the customer coming together. The other day, I realized that we’ve built an inspiring cannabis curation brand that solves the real customer pain point of choice. This was incredibly fulfilling.

Indeed, I love working for this industry and congratulations on your recent announcement on Sept 12th on your premiere debut Cannabis Collections! What do you think this means for the industry?

We humbly, yet confidently believe that the Cannabis Collections: Discovery Series Vol. 1™ is an incredible innovation for the industry. This product signifies the first time five different licensed producers have come together under the same roof, which really is a testament to the licensed producers – Solace Health, Organigram, Starseed, Emblem and 7ACRES/Supreme Cannabis Company – for trusting AHLOT’s vision as curators, and prioritizing an incredible first experience for customers being introduced to the legal recreational cannabis space.

Our hope is that this promotes future collaboration from the industry – old and new – all to benefit the community, foster innovation and continuously improve the consumer experience. As a transmodern brand, AHLOT is built on diversity and inclusion, we’re focused on taking the best of everything that has come before while embracing the leading edge of today’s hyper-speed social change.

Speaking of change what do you expect to see on October 17 once things are Legal?

Come October 17th, no matter how novice or experienced a cannabis user you are, in a new legal environment, you’re going to be a new consumer, and have no idea what’s going to hit you. There’s going to be a tsunami of choice.

In Ontario alone, there are 32 LPs supplying the Ontario Cannabis Store, nationally there are over 100 LPs, and over 700 in the cue with endless amounts of craft and micro-producers waiting to come online. All of these have their own brands and strains, and compounding this, are the strict federal marketing and packaging regulations, making it next to impossible to identify any brands, and resulting in a sea of sameness.

And how do you see things settling here in Ontario?

Cannabis will only be available online, so you don’t even have the ability to ask a retailer or bud-tender, what they recommend. This all results in a less than ideal consumer experience, where purchasing cannabis will be like throwing darts. This can be costly both from a time and a hard dollars perspective. I’ve said it before, legalization is a great thing, but progress is a process. As a curation brand at heart, this problem of choice is the problem we set out to solve for consumers.

And where can one find your more info on your brand?

The AHLOT Cannabis Collections: Discovery Series Vol. 1™ has been selected for distribution by the Ontario Cannabis Store and will be available to consumers following the launch of the adult recreational market on October 17, 2018. To learn more visit www.ahlot.com

Well thanks for your time Greg it was great catching up with you and I am sure we will catch up on Oct 17!

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