The War On The CBD Industry

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The War On The CBD Industry

For the next five minutes, we’re going to cover a topic that’s unpopular with our government and the FDA. Frankly, by us even speaking up puts our business in a position of immense potential risk, but – for the sake of our cause and our movement – we won’t stay quiet. We want to directly address the biggest issue facing the new age of holistic health when it comes to cannabis oil: the obstruction via government agencies and big pharmaceutical companies. We’re currently watching a war before our eyes when it comes to Big Pharma vs. the CBD industry.

It’s another story of David vs. Goliath – your “Hollywood hero vs. the arch villain” storyline. The only difference is this isn’t a movie; it’s not pretend, it’s 100% real and happening right before our eyes. Families all over the world are being trapped by big pharmaceutical companies on a daily basis because of greed and control. We, the general population, are being fed misinformation on a daily basis, which we personally believe is fueled by various government agencies, but especially the FDA, and a select handful of big pharmaceutical companies.

Before we dive in, we will preface with this: our mission is to advance health solutions that work. We aren’t “anti-establishment,” but we are honest with our opinions and true to our purpose. We’ll tell it how it (truly) is. We know there’s a TON of inaccurate information out there, and we feel it’s our duty as a health community and movement to come together and bring these issues to light. We don’t have an agenda – unless truth is an agenda. We’re for the people, and we’re 100% for the truth.


There are many lies about cannabis floating around the Internet. Many of these lies have played into a plethora of misconceptions about CBD oil. Since there is so much terminology out there, it can be confusing; so much so, we actually wrote a recent blog about the differences between marijuana and hemp.

When people think cannabis, people think “weed.” It’s just the way it is, unfortunately. We’re vigorously educating to change this inaccurate and negative association and/or connotation. Our goal is to get people to look at the benefits of cannabis, and – even further – the major health benefits of cannabinoids through CBD.

One of the most common lies about cannabis is the notion it’s only grown and used as a drug. This couldn’t be more false. Cannabis is a plant that actually has two different species. Cannabis farmers use their plants mostly in part to create hemp, which is then used to create hemp products. Hemp is a huge industry that provides resources for products we use on a daily basis such as paper, pens, sheets, curtains, etc.

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