Study: No “Problematic Issues” with Increased Marijuana Use On 4/20

Article by Monterey Bud,  Merry Jane

Exonerating the high holiday of 4/20, a new study demonstrates the typical spike in marijuana consumption on April 20th among U.S. college students offers “little evidence” that increased use during specific marijuana-related events leads to “more problematic” issues.

4/20 Study

First published by the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, then posted by the U.S. National Institute of Health, the study’s goal was simple and direct:

“Study examined marijuana use and consequences on 4/20 compared with other days in order to test whether 4/20 is a high-risk, event-specific marijuana use holiday among college student marijuana users.”

Regardless of how you express it, America’s annual celebration of 4:20, 4/20, or 420, results in higher marijuana use for U.S. college students, according to the research:

“Using one-way repeated-measures analyses of variance, we found that (a) 50% of students reported using marijuana on 4/20, which was significantly more than weekdays (28%) and weekend days (37%); (b) students reported a significantly higher number of unique marijuana use sessions on 4/20 (M = 1.47) compared with weekdays (M = 0.91); and (c) students reported a significantly higher number of grams consumed on 4/20 (M = 0.79) compared with weekdays (M = 0.35) and weekend days (M = 0.47).”

4/20 Findings

For the study, 59 college students from Colorado, New Mexico, and Virginia were asked to complete a daily survey between April 15 and April 26. During their 12 days of observation, the students were asked to log their marijuana use from the prior day. By examining the students’ “number of unique marijuana use sessions, subjective high/intoxication while under the influence of marijuana, and number of grams of marijuana consumed,” the study hoped to determine whether or not students were at a higher risk of harm during marijuana-specific events.

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