New Study: Marijuana Research is Questionable, Because the Research Weed is Bad

Article by Chris Roberts, High Times

Medical marijuana production facility

Flush with victory after marijuana’s near-sweep on election day last week, cannabis users have another cause to be smug. This bout of satisfied superiority comes courtesy of a study out of Boston, in which researchers found medical marijuana aided test participants’ “executive function.” (Note: This means they performed better on various cognitive test after using medical cannabis products, not that they all became CEOs.)

This is just the kind of cannabis-positive study you need in order to stay high-minded, considering other studies that say marijuana weakens your heart, ages you more quickly and otherwise renders your otherwise-promising life a jagged pile of broken dreams. 

But there’s a problem with this body of “knowledge,” maybe all of itthe good and the bad—it’s based on bunk weed. 

As many cannabis scientists and researchers have known for years, the only marijuana available for clinical study comes from the federal government. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has licensed the University of Mississippi to grow the country’s only “research-grade” supply of cannabis. (This is the same garden that supplies the surviving participants in NIDA’s Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program, which still mails a tin of government pre-rolls to a stockbroker in Florida and a few other souls.) 

This does not bode well for any studies underway or planned, including the $2 million-worth of research that the California-based Center for Medical Cannabis Research will get to conduct, thanks to a cash injection from recreational marijuana sales under Prop. 64. Unless the research relies on patients supplying their own cannabiswhich a few studies doany cannabis science is derived from studies involving this marijuana, which is so low quality and so low in THC and CBD that it has next-to-no correlation with actual marijuana found on the marketplace. 

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