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lyte resources grow at home prescription toronto ontario

Growing your own cannabis can be one of the most rewarding experiences a cannabis user can experience. Growing a pot plant can need daily attention to keep them alive and be filled with all sorts of possible pitfalls including bugs, mold, and hermaphrodites. But for all the risks the reward is exquisite. Gardeners who harvest their ripe buds are able to dry and cure their carefully selected cultivar to their exact specifications.

Come October 17th Canadian citizens will be able to grow four cannabis plants per household but many Canadian are unaware that medical patients have been able to grow their own cannabis for years through Health Canada’s MMAR and ACMPR regulations. Through these medical programs patients are able to, with doctor permission, grow their own medicine. Plant counts are limited by the grams/day of your prescription.

I have been a medical cannabis grower for over a year and I needed to refill my prescription. There are many clinics willing to sign medical marijuana prescriptions but not all of them are willing to write a grow-at-home script. This is mainly because of the funding structure of these clinics. Some clinics are willing to give free prescriptions for a Licensed Producer (LP) because these licensed corporate medical growers pay kickbacks to clinics on your orders. Win-win for the companies but not a very fair system for the patients paying inflated prices for their legal medicine. It is not an inexpensive option.

lyte resources grow at home prescription toronto ontarioGrowing your own cannabis is the most affordable way to get your medicine but it does have its own struggles. Fewer clinics are willing to authorize grow licenses than a personal possession licenses and as such it can be very difficult to find a clinic that meets your needs. A cannabis clinic, even if cheap, can be too far or have a overly complicated procedure that can make it less than optimal for a patient’s individual needs.

I chose to renew my prescription with Lyte Resources for many reasons but the determining factor was the easy of use. Lyte Resources uses top-notch technology to save patients time and effort. Instead of driving all over the city to fill out forms and see doctors, Lyte gets you to fill out all your paperwork digitally through DocuSign. This dramatically speeds up patient intake and once you book your appointment you meet with the doctor digitally through the Vidyo app.

lyte resources grow at home prescription toronto ontario

Before my scheduled appointment, Lyte Resources called me to insure the technology ran smoothly on my end and worked out the nuances of the video calling system before the doctor was free. At the allotted time I met with Dr. Leavy. We talked for 10-15 minutes about my medical history and went over the details of my prescription to insure that my specific needs were met. At the end of the appointment I was set up with Martina, Lyte Resources’ in-house Patient Educator for any future questions I might have.

My prescription came in the mail days later, and now it’s off to Health Canada.

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