Some Thoughts on the Guru of Ganja’s Pop Tart

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Guru of Ganja Pot Tart Poptart infused edible

Writing a review of your own volition, rather than when someone provides you with an item and you hope you like it (I usually do), takes a bit more planning. When it comes to affordable and delicious however, one must boot up the open source office program and write, write, write.

I’m a big fan of morning medibles (whenever your morning may be). They start the day off right and help lower the amount of joints I smoke.  I would also add that any breakfast food that helps me get my housework done is one I can get behind – especially if I’m whistling while I work. That’s why I’m a fan of the Guru of Ganja (and his lovely partner GG Nurse). I have yet to come across a product of theirs I don’t like.  I recently tried their version of a pot tart with blueberry compote…and #yumyumyum!! I decided my next GG pot tart would be a reviewed pot tart.

Guru of Ganja Pot Tart Poptart infused edible

This specific one today is a strawberry compote infused with 100mg cannabis extract, organic whole wheat pastry (hand made) with a glaze and sprinkles on top… it resembles the normal supermarket pop tart in appearance – but that’s where that comparison ends. One of the joys of the cannabis edibles industry is the use of natural and organic products. Imagine the difference between your grandmother making a pastry pop tart and the ones that you pull out of a box…. Now you’re with me. 🙂

I’ve licked the plate clean – now lets roll up some Chemdawg OG and see where we go 🙂 10-15 minutes in and I’m thinking ooooh – the pastry is more card for your birthday than cardboard branded… he he he 😉 Yes – we are flying at an altitude of 50 feet (a favourite turn of phrase from the late great Phyllis Diller) and I still gotta light this joint. (the longer a joint goes unlit the better you know the edible to be)

Guru of Ganja Pot Tart Poptart infused edible

30 minutes in and I’m right where I expect to be from a good medible. Floaty peaceful easy feeling and the joint has just wrapped up. Think I may throw some tunes on through the headphones and wrap this review up with a simple note – when you’re at a local cannamarket – always try out something from all the vendors. You’ll never know the treasures you’ll taste!

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