Pharaoh Collective

Pharaoh Collective rosin thc liquid nitrogen moby dick

Pharaoh Collective specializes in high quality rosin extracting (fresh frozen flower & full melt hash), and was started about a year ago this Halloween (2017) by a rosin guru named “Pharaoh. The name “Pharaoh” came about because the guru is actually from Egyptian descent. Being an avid skateboarder, he traveled frequently to LA and trained with the talented “clear scientist” using liquid nitrogen. Liquid Nitrogen is used in the process of extracting hash rosin. Pharaoh saw that there was a need for a quality solvent-less product in the market and the rest was history. Since then, Pharaoh has been established on the cannabis scene, so you might’ve had a chance to taste some of the infamous rosin yourself, or at least saw rave reviews on Instagram.

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