An Inside Look at the National Joint League: Roll Call (Part 3)

Written by Cody Vangogh, creative joint rollerfor

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It’s flattering to be asked if I ever see my joints being in a gallery. Pot culture has always had an enormous impact on music, movies… pretty much every established form of art. More recently hand-made pipes and bongs have turned glass-blowers from hobbyists back into professionals. But nobody has really brought cannabis and art as closely together as the rollers of the NJL. In fact they’re so close that the pieces can’t be displayed in most states, and will probably never be talked about in any textbook. All the same; several rollers maintain unique stylistic or thematic approaches to their work that are more often shared and dissected in online chat rooms. So let’s take any opportunity we can to have an academic discussion on authorship and artistic license in joint rolling!

This joint has taken to the air before, by @rollgameonpoint / @rollvinci Creative Joint Rolling National Joint League Part 3 Cody VanGogh

@rollgameonpoint / @rollvinci (above, click names for Instagram)

After his original account was suspended (it’s back now!) it didn’t take long for the rest of the League to come up with the rollvinci handle as a fitting backup. Roll’s obsession with function has made him as much an inventor as an artist. His work reflects this, with every piece incorporating new techniques and twisting old ones. Whether he’s systematically testing out tobacco leaves for blunt potential or producing his own line of thai-stick machine, Roll is consistently in a research and development process that not only makes each joint stand out but also gives it its’ own purpose. Much like his namesake, a recurring flight theme in his work suggests a long-standing goal to make a joint that can fly.

@nome_illa_than_u Creative Joint Rolling National Joint League Part 3 Cody VanGogh

@nome_illa_than_u (above)

The NJL rollers had mixed opinions when the first machine-woven blunts hit the market; but it was the self-proclaimed #weavefeedkiller who stepped the game up brought attention back to the craft. Sure, his cobra and severed limb joints more than prove he can roll with the best of them, but it’s Nome’s weaving style that really takes the spotlight on his feed. From patterns to paper selection, everything about these weaves is original and highlights the creative process that goes into it. Nowadays if you want the coolest looking blunts, you still can’t expect to get them from a machine.

Creative Joint Rolling National Joint League Part 3 Cody VanGogh

@xxjune_da_goonxx (above)

June is a master of technique. Where most people are satisfied with a cross-joint or extendo, June has a tendency to take these ideas to their maximum extremes. Coupled with an unequaled skill in presentation, traditional trick rolls quickly become star signs or scorpions in his skilled hands. Much like his technique, June’s themes stay true to his roots with most of his rolls reflecting his Northern California lifestyle and upbringing.

Creative Joint Rolling National Joint League Part 3 Cody VanGogh

@twaxxytyrus (above)

We all have that friend who can roll a perfect joint every time. But your friends’ joints always look the same. My friend Twaxxy, on the other hand, sees more potential in a ‘simple’ joint than anyone on the planet. While his creative rolling skills are a force to be reckoned with, Twaxxy’s insane presentation skills ensure that every joint he ever rolls is an unparallelled smoking experience. Each one is ‘twaxed’ (wrapped in shatter), with a unique arrangement of extracts and flower stuck to it in intricate patterns to create a unique and potent joint that would enhance any sesh.

Creative Joint Rolling National Joint League Part 3 Cody VanGogh

@thegrasshoppa (above)

From tennis rackets to Kleenex boxes Hoppa’s joints may seem random at first, but the otherwise mundane objects she chooses to roll have a universal appeal and recognizability that set her apart as a true pop artist.

Creative Joint Rolling National Joint League Part 3 Cody VanGogh

@flipu4real (above)

Most league rollers have ups and downs in their career; but Flip seems to constantly be at the top of his game. His NJL Season 6 submission, a Castle blunt, is a favourite among rollers for the sheer among of rolling techniques that it employs so flawlessly. While it’s usually easier to make larger creative joints, Flip regularly flaunts his skills with creative micro-blunts; and the amount of detail he still manages to fit in them is an impressive feat.

Creative Joint Rolling National Joint League Part 3 Cody VanGogh

@lukekmk (above)

A technical mastermind, Lukes’ blunts shatter typical trick roll expectations with their distinctive angles and three-dimensional flavour. With his 5 blunt braids and helicopter cross-joints there’s really no limit to what he can put together.

Creative Joint Rolling National Joint League Part 3 Cody VanGogh

@unclesnoopsbodega (above)

Ever the festive roller, you can always count on Uncle Snoop to bring the turkey joint at thanksgiving, or a grinch joint at christmas. Snoops ability to roll just about anything keeps his joints fresh and topical; which means if you’re into it he’s probably already smoked it.

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Written by Cody Vangogh, creative joint rollerfor

About Cody Vangogh

Cody Vangogh is a professional creative joint roller who has been rolling joints for over a decade now, and has honed his craft in that time. He has been doing creative rolling for about two years and is very passionate about what he does. Cody Vangogh is a rolling machine, seemingly able to turn any idea into a fully smokable joint. He has rolled joints of the Trailer Park Boys, helicopters, Tyrannosaurus, chimera dragon, and much more.

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