Why Marijuana Really is a Gateway Drug

Written by James Bong, for Dankr.ca.

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High there! I’m Bong. James Bong. And I have something to say. It may seem a bit shocking, I warn you. I believe that marijuana is indeed, as many say, in fact a gateway drug. Wait! Hold On! James Bong, the cannabis crusader himself, believes the phony, despicable propaganda that marijuana leads to experimentation with harder, more dangerous drugs?

Let me explain. The key phrasing here is that it leads to experimentation with dangerous drugs. It does. Here’s how. You see, I am told all my young life that marijuana is bad. Very bad. The government even classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 Drug, in the same category as heroin and cocaine. I should be scared of it and anyone who consumes it.

So when I do try marijuana, which is common and harmless, and it’s not that bad, it doesn’t really do any harm to me, much less than alcohol, actually, and I am a poorly educated (about “drugs”) impressionable young person, I think to myself “Well then, if the government says marijuana is so bad, but it doesn’t really hurt me, then how can I believe them when it comes to cocaine and heroin? Those probably aren’t as bad as they say either. If I can handle marijuana, and not be physically addicted to it or turn to crime, then it must be okay to do cocaine and heroin too. I can handle it. How bad can they be?”

This is a dangerous attitude, this slander, lies and hysteria about marijuana. The miseducation. It is irresponsible to our young folks and puts them at risk. We do not need laws against advertising, we need laws against not fairly and properly presenting the truth to our children. On all sides.

The march towards legalization in Canada is doing nothing to change this attitude. In fact, most of the laws passed and information being promoted is reinforcing this attitude, and it has to change. For the sake of our children and the sanity and safety of a nation. The only way to prevent marijuana from being a gateway drug is to stop calling it a drug and let people know it’s a plant with a lot of strong properties and effects and the only way to handle it properly is to educate yourself. And we need our authority figures to be reinforcing these values and presenting truthful information, not twisted facts that further their hidden agendas. We need to trust our government, not doubt them. Let’s close the gateway together.

About James Bong

James Bong is a hero for the cannabis community, created by James Longshore. You can check out his comic adventures here: https://tinyurl.com/theheadstash James Longshore is an accomplished actor and writer. He writes the comic with successful producer Bianca Mina, and an international team illustrates it. The same team creates "The High'R Side" comic strip for CannaPages in Colorado and Oregon.

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