Whistler Medical Marijuana Corperation (WMMC) Licensed Producer Thoughts

Written by Josie Honeydue, for Dankr.ca.

WMMC became the first Licensed Producer (LP) of organic medical cannabis in April 2004 and they remain the only LP to carry a full organic line of products, including a newly introduced high potency organic topical cream! WMMC typically carries 12 strains of dried cannabis, a range of oils and focus their marketing on their organic growing practices that are executed with the upmost of care and by hand from planting to packaging.

cmmc whistler medical marijuana cooperation

Product Information:

Dancehall (60/40) Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Dancehall is a Sativa-dominant hybrid named for its uplifting and social effects. WMMC Dancehall tested at 8.83% THCA and 12.6% CBDA with dominant terpenes being Linalool, Limonene and Terpinol. All WMMC strains come with extensive information or ‘potency profile’ to provide the consumer with a better idea of how the genetic make-up of the cannabis and how it will affect them. The Dancehall smelt true to its terpene profile with an overwhelming spicy and herbal aroma with undertones of citrus. The cannabis burned very clean producing pure white ash, much like other CBD dominant strains the overall flavour was earthy and light. A few minutes into the smoking experience very minimal effects crept on. The psychoactive effects of the Dancehall were very mild and did not impair thinking or reasoning skills at all, it simply was a mild mood elevator with a great deal of body relaxation. Dancehall is a great medicinal strain for anytime use as it provides the user with a clear uplifted mind and relaxed body. Dancehall is known to be great for anxiety and depression and those living with both as the CBD curbs anxiety as well as helps treat the physical symptoms of anxiety. The THC helps with bringing the mind to a happier place and aids the treatment of physical symptoms.

WMMC Pricing & Selection:

WMMC carries about 12 strains at a time, in just under the 12 months I’ve been with them there have been about 4 or 5 new strains introduced, 2 or 3 new oils and they also became one of the first LPs to carry topical creams. Their overall dried flower selection does seem somewhat limited but their prices range from $9.00-$12.00 and they always have a range of sativas, indicas, hybrids as well as recently released high CBG and CBD strains. WMMC seems to be constantly pushing the envelope to get new medical products on the market and maintain quality!

cmmc whistler medical marijuana cooperation

Unique to WMMC:

As the legal landscape changes in Canada WMMC sticks true to very medical packaging and designs. Their medical cannabis comes in a container that could easily be expected to be picked up at the pharmacy and doesn’t indicate marijuana is inside! Unlike some other LPs, WMMC doesn’t communicate a clear cannabis brand identity, which appeals to a lot of people simply looking for a high quality product to use as their medicine without the bells and whistles. WMMC appears to focus simply on producing high quality organic cannabis and appeals to the medicinal users looking to avoid a lot of politics, controversy and complexities that have recently creeped in the medical cannabis field!

Final Thoughts:

WhistlerMMC prides itself on their commitment to a clean and high quality product and they certainly deliver. WMMC provides an efficient and simple experience to the medical consumer whose main priority is the quality of the actual product. WMMC leaves the bells and whistles of branding and marketing behind and stands out due to their ability to provide a well-produced, reliable organic product. Dancehall was an amazing CBD strain that left me uplifted but extremely functional to get daily tasks done, I appreciated their simple and medical packaging as it shows respect for the medical user and is extremely functional!

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