The frustration of 9:53 p.m. is well known in Ontario. It’s the time where glancing at a watch or phone is accompanied by a heartbroken sigh and softly uttered four-letter expletive. Your dinner party is down to its last bottle of wine, some friends just surprised you from out of town, you’re just a responsible adult that had to work late. But you certainly aren’t allowed to enjoy a glass of wine in any of these circumstances according to Ontario’s incredibly outdated alcohol and “social responsibility” laws.

It’s this same social responsibility logic that the province’s largest moneymaker, the LCBO, is hoping to cash in on with marijuana sales. The dubious reasoning being that they, and only they, are capable of handling the burdensome task of quenching the insatiable thirst of millions of Ontarian adults while ensuring the fabric of society remains intact — so obviously they and only they are responsible enough to distribute marijuana.

Too bad Ontarians don’t view it this way. Support for this model simply doesn’t agree with the voting populace, according to Forum Research, so why does it seem like a foregone conclusion?