YouTube Cracks Down On Cannabis Content With Terminations Of High-Profile Cannabis Channels

Article by Mike Okada, Cannabis Life Network


The Canadian cannabis community is reeling after some of the country’s biggest cannabis-focused channels on YouTube have been terminated for violating community guidelines- this includes Pot Tv, UrbanRemo, Mr canucks grow, and many others.

That’s thousands of videos, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and millions of views- all gone in an instant!

 Jodie Emery @JodieEmery  Sad news: our Pot TV account on YouTube was deleted – and it’s happening to many fellow cannabis activists & educators.  Marc Emery started Pot TV in 2000 with funding from Emery Direct Seeds. It was one of the first internet video sites *ever*. Wish we had funds for media today!  2:40 PM - Apr 14, 2018 158 129 people are talking about this

Why were these cannabis-related YouTube channels terminated?

It appears the decision was made solely because their content revolved around cannabis, and now, according to Dr. Autoflower:

“3 out of the top 5 cannabis channels in Canada have now been destroyed.”

 Jodie Emery @JodieEmery  There is a War on Cannabis.  But there’s also a War on Cannabis Truth — because #ReeferMadness & criminalization depend on lies & misinformation.  YouTube’s deletion of dozens of the oldest & most prolific cannabis-related accounts is another example of #CannabisTruth censorship.  8:59 PM - Apr 14, 2018 140 105 people are talking about this

YouTube’s anti-cannabis spree has content creators questioning if this infringes on their freedom of speech- some cannabis activists are even comparing the termination of their channels to book burning, and while that may seem like a stretch at first, it is not very far off when you consider the educational value that many of these channels had, and how many have been doing this for years- to the point that their work could act as a historical record of the cannabis activism.

 REMO @theurbanremo  We are very concerned about what is happening around the world to cannabis @YouTube channels. We represent freedom of speech that is quickly being taken away. I have had my channel on YouTube since 2010, with 190,000 subscribers over 2300 videos. This can’t be the new normal.  6:28 PM - Apr 12, 2018 40 37 people are talking about this

Although YouTube is a private company and can do what it wants, it’s heartbreaking for the cannabis content creators who have been affected by this. YouTube’s appeal system is can be difficult to wade through, and as we’ve seen in the past with the 2017 “Adpocalypse”, the company isn’t famous for being forthcoming with the details- quite the opposite, in fact.

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