Woman in Weed: Miss Dabbs

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Woman in Weed: Miss Dabbs

Tell us about your cannabis origin story?

I have been using cannabis since the age of 17, thinking at that time it was purely recreational, however, a few years later my sister moved next door to a wonderful woman named Grama Dee. We became good friends over the years, and during that time, she taught me that cannabis was medicinal and introduced me to the cannabis community. It was amazing to learn about this incredible group of people, who all had an illness and were treating it with cannabis.

I began to realize that my relationship with cannabis wasn’t just recreational, and I hadn’t taken any pharmaceutical’s in years. That is when it occurred to me that it was treating my illness’ without me realizing it.

Tell us about some challenges you have faced?

There were a lot of difficult times, and I think the hardest ones were with family because I felt such a strong responsibility to educate them and have them understand the cause I was fighting for.

There have been many challenges over the years, including issues with law enforcement due to my medicinal cannabis use.

My entire family including those in my own household had great difficulty understanding, accepting, and respecting my passion for the community and my need to bring attention to the Great fight. April 20, is my Mother’s Birthday, and every year I make a point to spend time with her because on 4/20 I turn into Miss Dabb’s for the day to support our rights to use Cannabis.

What did I do to move past them:

I continued being patient, and I didn’t let things get to me including the relentless judgment and stigma. The most important and satisfying part of my journey has been having the chance to support and teach as MANY people as I can. Luckily for me, with my position as a Cannatech at Legacy 420, I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with people on just how beneficial Cannabis can be.

Advice for women entering the cannabis community?

I would tell women, don’t give up, persevere and stand strong for what you believe in.

3 things everyone needs?

The first one everyone needs is to go to Legacy 420 and speak to an educated Cannatech like myself who can help you.

Get on the right path. All products are properly labeled allowing you to self-medicate. We also have an onsite laboratory where all products are tested for contaminated and pesticides before being labeled and put on the dispensary shelves.

“Another is to become educated when it comes to prescription meds vs. natural medication and GO the natural way”

And finally, EVERYONE needs the Cannabis Community, get out there and participate, support and bring attention to this beautiful plant and all its amazing benefits.

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