Will CBD and THC Have a Future Role in Fighting Viruses and Inflammation?

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NEWS Will CBD and THC have a future role in fighting viruses and inflammation? ZBP1 not only seems to have a hand in helping the body fight viruses, but seems to offer positive effects on inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. By Kate-Madonna Hindes, The Fresh Toast “These are early days and we have a long way to go, but understanding the underlying mechanisms may one day lead to novel therapies for human diseases.” / Photo: SeventyFour / iStock / Getty Images Plus Cannabis has been researched for its ability to enhance the body’s immune system and relax inflammation. / Photo: peterschreiber.media / iStock / Getty Images Plus peterschreiber.media / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Could marijuana and CBD be helped by a genomic parasite to decrease inflammation and viruses?

Researchers at the CECAD Cluster of Excellence in Aging Research of the University of Cologne, the University of Texas Health Science Center and the Francis Crick Institute in London have made a significant discovery that offers insight into targeting viruses and inflammation alike through identifying a key protein called, ZBP1.

Published in late March in the journal, Nature, scientists found that ZBP1, a protein best known for defending against incoming viruses, is activated by sensing an unusual form of cellular genetic material (Z-nucleic acids), leading to cell death and inflammation.

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