Why You Still Might Get Busted No Matter How Long You Wait to Drive After Using Cannabis

Article by Ian Carey, Now Toronto

Why you still might get busted no matter how long you wait to drive after using cannabis Our federal lawmakers continue to adhere to faulty science on roadside drug testing because it’s easier to quell the concerns of the anti-marijuana lobby than admit we don't have a way of catching marijuana-impaired drivers BY IAN CAREY Medioimages/Photodisc The notion that only recently consumed cannabis can be seen on drug tests has been called into question by newer studies.

There are some easy-to-follow rules regarding how long to wait after consuming cannabis before driving. I was given them the first day I got my prescription for medical cannabis almost a decade ago. I was recently given the same instructions by Mothers Against Drunk Driving: wait four hours after smoking and eight hours after eating cannabis.

Just do that and you’ll avoid actually breaking the drugged driving laws, I was told.

But with legalization looming, our federal lawmakers continue to adhere to outdated and faulty science as it relates to roadside drug testing.

Although there have been numerous recent studies that state THC does not break down in the body in a similar fashion to alcohol, our laws continue to operate as if that is exactly the case.

The Dräger DrugTest 5000 recently became the first oral-swab saliva test for roadside use by police officers approved by the Department of Justice.

The feds claim that only marijuana consumed within the last six hours will be detected, but several more recent and variable-controlled studies of oral-swab tests can show impairment levels in regular or medicinal users even if they have abstained for long periods of time before driving, which concerns constitutional lawyer Jack Lloyd.

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