What You Need to Know About Canada’s Regs for Cannabis Edibles, Extracts and Topicals

Article by James McClure and Brandon Hicks, Civilized

Culture What You Need to Know About Canada's Regs for Cannabis Edibles, Extracts and Topicals James McClure, Brandon Hicks

Canada legalized cannabis last October, but not all forms of marijuana can be legally purchased in the country yet. Right now, you can’t buy edibles like pot brownies, extracts like nasal sprays and suppositories or topicals like cannabis-infused lotions. But that will change in the near future. At the tail-end of December, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s government has released proposed regulations for edibles, extracts and topicals, which will take effect by October 17, 2019.

Here’s what the proposed regulations have in store for Canadians.

THC limits

Under the proposed regs, each package of edibles can contain no more than 10 mg of THC – the cannabis compound that produces the plant’s characteristic high. That limit is per package, not per serving, so a package could contain one brownie with 10 mg of THC, or 5 cookies containing 2 mg each. That means we’re going to hear a lot more complaints about over-packaging since 10 mg is roughly the amount of THC that an experienced consumer will have in one sitting to feel high. So if they want to stock up, or plan to have a few cookies over the weekend, all those wrappers are going to add up fast.

The THC limit is much higher for cannabis extracts. Like cannabis oils that are currently available for sale at licensed distributors, cannabis suppositories, nasal sprays and other products laced with extracts can contain up to 10 mg of THC per unit and up to 1,000 mg per package. The government is proposing the same cap (1,000 mg of THC per package) for cannabis topicals.

Possession limits

Under the proposed regs, Canadians can possess up to 7.5 grams of extracts in public. The limit for edibles and topicals will be the same as for dried flower (30 grams) unless those products contain more than 3 percent THC by weight. That means 3 percent of the product itself is made up of THC. So having a bunch of cookies should be fine, but you wouldn’t be allowed to carry oodles of high-powered gummies. If in doubt, check the label to make sure you’re compliant with possession limits.

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