What The Canadian Senate Didn’t Understand About the Cannabis Industry

Articel by Caleb McMillan, Cannabis Life Network

What The Canadian Senate Didn't Understand About the Cannabis Industry WHAT THE SENATE DIDN’T UNDERSTAND CALEB MCMILLAN

This is what the Senate didn’t understand: There were small growers who were here first. Before the LPs. Growers who established the BC Bud brand.

Governments talk about the tax-revenue they’ve missed out on with prohibition. So, they’ve promised legalization and even gotten into the game. Thinking, hey, this should be easy money.

Thinking the money is there ready to be siphoned. It’s an ignorance about where wealth comes from and how it’s maintained.

Are you surprised Canada’s sober second thought fell for simple socialist fallacies? Ignoring the capitalist structure of production, of interest rates and time preference. It’s the real-life tale of Atlas Shrugged.

Senators, like the lower-house MPs, believe they can tax and regulate, even eradicate and replace, an existing cannabis market.

And replace it with their people, too boot. Former cops and politicians, people who made careers from the drug war are now looking to cash in.

The same people who threw cannabis connoisseurs in jail and now wish to continue the process while they cash in.

It’s the tale of the golden goose.

They see the golden eggs that BC Bud is producing, so they promise legalization.

Cannabis connoisseurs mistakenly thought it was an opportunity to produce and sell golden eggs without prosecution. But politicians saw it a different way.

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