Saskatoon Ward 2: Candidates Weigh in on City Issues, Marijuana

Article by Saskatoon StarPhoenix


The Saskatoon StarPhoenix emailed all ward candidates with seven questions. Candidates were asked to keep responses to 175 words. Below are their responses, edited for spelling and grammar. When responses exceeded 175 words, only the first 175 words were included.

What should the City of Saskatoon do to prepare for the legalization of marijuana?

Parker: Education…marijuana is not bad and stereotypes have to be changed.

Zielke: The two most important issues regarding the legalization of marijuana, more correctly referred to as Cannabis, are keeping Cannabis out the hand of our youth, and ensuring proper measures are in place to prevent impaired driving. The Federal Government has also recognized that these are some of the most important issues and I look forward to seeing the solutions that they bring to the table in the process of legalization.

Godfrey: As a former member of the SaskMP [Saskatchewan Marijuana Party] party: the head shops should have 1st choice & it was the policy of the party that beer & wine rules for cannibas be the law of the country.

Gough: The City must prepare for the legalization of marijuana in a few ways. First by being prepared to effectively maintain new legislation through civic services such as our Police service and other affected departments. Secondly, the City must engage collaboratively across sectors such as Education and Health to be sure that the impacts of any new legislation are understood by all who work with the residents and youth of Saskatoon, and that proper resources and education is available.

Linklater: Taxing

Lorje: City police need to continue to monitor the development of the equivalent of the breathalyzer for marijuana. Currently there is no effective way of measuring THC levels but several national and international companies are in the development stage of such a measuring device. Municipal governments don’t get to set the rules about marijuana legalization. But we do have to deal with the consequences. In light of that, it is only proper that Saskatoon should get some of the revenue from retail sales. In Colorado, for instance, local governments get 15% of the state’s special sales tax on pot. We also need to be prepared to pass bylaws to deal with licensing, location and sales conditions when marijuana is legalized.

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