Tyendindaga Mohawk Territory: Canada’s Own Amsterdam

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Tyendindaga Mohawk Territory: Canada’s Own Amsterdam

Located along the beautiful shores of the Bay of Quinte, approx. 200km East of Toronto and 65km West of Kingston. There are currently 30+ Dispensaries that have opened their doors on this sovereign land. They have certainly worked hard to create their own little medicinal cannabis haven and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

I’m not sure there is a type of product on the current market today that can’t be found there or cannot just be ordered and be there that same week. With extraordinaire budtenders and shop owners that actually care about patients over profits, it certainly has changed from the kitchen table deals I’ve been used to in days past.

I like to invite people to visit me so that I can take them on tours and show them the magical cannabis land I have discovered. With billboard-size signs, flashing lights and even shop windows lined with Marquis style lights – you cannot miss finding a place to find what you are looking for.

Some shops have tables and chairs or a couch and allow patients to medicate on site.

Recently a cannabis committee was created and an open letter was submitted to local law enforcement. This statement was from the Kenhteke Cannabis Association and can be viewed online.

It was reported that in 2016 the cannabis sales in this area exceeded over 30 million dollars. That has caused a lot of buzz and awareness and since the release of this letter, you are now likely to find a dispensary or two in almost every Indigenous reservation across Canada.

That’s what I call a marijuana movement. This is one of the factors that has inspired one local shop owner to go above and beyond what he is currently achieving in his community and is now hosting the first ever Turtle Island Indigenous Cannabis Cup. Jamie Kunkel at Smoke Signals on Hwy #49 opened his doors and now is opening his property and extending his right on sovereign land to dispense and consume cannabis this May 24 weekend. With his belief that using cannabis is a traditional right for his community. With the government looking so closely at attempting to control our natural medicine, the rights to control who can use it, and where – more and more indigenous communities are stepping up and seeing this as an opportunity. They are joining forces to give thanks to Mother Earth for the medicine she provides. They are finding new ways to give back to their communities. The indigenous Cannabis Cup is being presented as a place for us to learn and share knowledge of cannabis.

There is a very strictly enforced zero tolerance for hard drugs or alcohol at the event. This is unlike any cup out there so far. They care about the “little people” in the industry and see this as a networking opportunity for all.

I for one can’t wait to be there, as it feels like history is being made. In fact, I decided to not just wait for the event to happen but to jump right in and help to organize the event. There is a current call out for Sponsors, Competitors, Workshops, Musicians, Vendors and more. This is a great opportunity to get to know the indigenous cannabis community!

All those who come in peace are welcome. To be a part of this amazing event visit the website www.indigenouscannabiscup.com or FB & Instagram.

If you can’t make it I still HIGHly recommend a visit to Tyendindaga, A peaceful land with ancient beliefs.

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