‘Trip Advisers’ Help Newbies Navigate World of Weed

Article by Joseph Hall, The Star

‘Trip advisers’ help newbies navigate world of weed By JOSEPH HALLCannabis Reporter Will Hyde, a Seattle-based cannabis sommelier, says he got his start in the business as a consumer. (LEAFLY CANADA)

Will that be Black Widow CBD, Super Skunk or Skywalker Kush No. 1?

The names of the pot products on offer after recreational cannabis becomes legal across Canada Oct. 17 will be as intriguing as they are inscrutable.

And with sparse packaging information and little producer advertising to guide you — the legalization law restricts them both severely — how’s the newbie Dude supposed to know which to choose?

Welcome to the world of online “trip advisers.”

Yes, as with seemingly any perplexity out there, the internet will provide a wealth of combustibles advice for baffled consumers on websites that employ connoisseur expertise and crowdsourced consensus to help guide you to your desired high.

“The trip adviser is our core asset. Consumers can read about every product and every producer and educate themselves about the category … through consumer driven reviews,” says Matei Olaru, CEO of Toronto-based Lift & Co., which offers one of the two main online guides Canadian cannabis buyers can access.

The trip guide will be available in a free smartphone format, which consumers can open as they browse retail locations or place orders online come Oct. 17.

The guide will also help consumers navigate a market that has climbed to some 800 products under the existing medical regime and could climb past 1,000 in the first year after the recreational business opens.

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