This Dissolvable Cannabis Powder Might Be The Most Discreet Way To Get High

Article by Carlie Beblin, Cannabis Life Network

THIS DISSOLVABLE WEED POWDER MIGHT BE THE MOST DISCREET WAY TO GET HIGH CARLIE BEBLINFEBRUARY 4, 2021 CANNABIS 101CULTUREEDUCATIONFEATUREDMARIJUANA NEWSPRODUCTS3 VIEWS While cannabis powder is not a brand new concept, it certainly is a method of consumption that has not been given enough credit.

While cannabis powder is not a brand new concept, it certainly is a method of consumption that has not been given enough credit.

In November of 2020, Organigram announced the launch of the Edison RE:MIX dissolvable cannabis powder. Edison is one of three recreational brands under the Organigram company—the others being Trailblazer and ANKR Organics.

Not everyone is a fan of smoking cannabis. And let’s face it, even the tastiest edibles are not always so pleasant to consume. These rapidly dissolving packets add an alternative for users to enjoy cannabis their own way. But what do I mean by that? Well there are three main points that stand out about Edison’s RE:MIX packets:

1. Customizable cannabis

Not only can you physically control the amount of cannabis powder that you choose to dissolve, but you are able to add the powder to any beverage of your choosing! Plus, these Edison’s RE:MIX packets are flavourless. Whether you love to drink juice, pop or whatever else, the powder will dissolve and you won’t be able to taste it.

2. It’s efficient

The RE:MIX powder is made up of a nano-emulsion formula. This means the powder has an improved absorption rate compared to edibles or ingestible oils. Therefore, when you’re consuming the infused drink you’ll be better able to gauge how high you are getting as you go.

With traditional edibles, beverages, and ingestible oil-based extracts, the body spends a significant time breaking down fat soluble cannabinoid particles which are then absorbed and metabolized in the body before the effects are felt. This lengthy process can result in accidental overconsumption and undesirable experiences.

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