The Work’s Not Done Yet: Legal Pot Advocate

Article by Kayla Butler and Monika Gul, News 1130

The work's not done yet: legal pot advocate LOCAL by KAYLA BUTLER AND MONIKA GUL.  marijuana flowers on a hybrid of indica and sativa from a famous deadly marijuana breeder

The Senate has approved the federal marijuana legalization legislation in a historic vote.

Pot advocate Jodie Emery says the vote may be historic, but for lawyers, civil liberties advocates, and herself, the passing of the Cannabis Act brings a number of concerns to the forefront.

19 Jun Hundreds of thousands of Canadians have unjust criminal records for peaceful nonviolent cannabis “crimes”.  As a lifelong advocate for legalization as a way to end criminalization, it’s hard to celebrate when so many like myself are still punished as “criminals” by gov’t laws.   Jodie Emery @JodieEmery  Legalization should acknowledge that cannabis criminalization was always wrong, unjustified & caused enormous harm at a huge cost. There should be blanket amnesty for all nonviolent cannabis “criminals”. Legalization is hollow without it. Support @CannabisAmnesty #CannabisAmnesty  7:52 PM - Jun 19, 2018

“[The Act] introduces many more criminal laws with relation to cannabis and it doesn’t look at amnesty or pardons for all of the victims of prohibition in the past.”

She says legalization should accomplish three goals: stopping the criminalization of people who use pot, stopping criminalization of the industry, and stopping the waste of law enforcement and tax dollars spent going after people for pot.

“None of those goals are being accomplished. Legalization decriminalizes a small amount of cannabis but it continues to be criminalize the existing industry–thousand of Canadians who just want to be legal. So for me, and many lawyers, we’re looking at the details and saying from federal to provincial to municipal legislation and regulation, there are many more ways to get in trouble for cannabis now than there was before.”

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