The Best Weed Strains in Canada, According to the Pros

Article by Coleman Molnar, Complex

The Best Weed Strains in Canada, According to the Pros Coleman Molnar BYCOLEMAN MOLNAR FOR COMPLEX CANADA

As the second 4/20 celebration since quarantine arrives and we stare down another summer of WFH, masks, and patio-only dining, there’s still plenty to be grateful for in Canada.

Like legal weed—the hundreds of skunky, piney, and gassy strains, chewy gummies, powerful concentrates, long-lasting drops and other mind-expanding products and experiences, all shippable right to your door.

Do that this year. Stay home and smoke pot on Zoom with your fam. Don’t go to the park or the beach and pass a joint or a frisbee with a stranger, even if their grass does look and smell greener than yours (it always does).

In order to get appropriately toasted this 4/20, we asked a bunch of Canadians working in and around the cannabis industry to recommend their favourite strain or product.

Nice Cream by -ness

“The strain that I’ve held close to my heart for not long, but long enough to know it’s one to stay, is Nice Cream by -ness. This flower offers a pungent, sweet aroma. As an indica lover, this strain offers the perfect combination of a heavy body high and ensures a good night’s rest ahead. After a long day at work, this is always my go-to.” —Talia Wolkosky, Brand Ambassador at Dutch Love

High Seas by Reef

“One of my favourites to smoke lately has been the High Seas whole flower from Reef, which is a Ghost Train Haze cultivar. It has extremely potent notes of sour citrus, sweet pine with a fuel backend, that hit you right out of the jar. The burn is smooth and the experience is a lovely energetic high that lasts longer than most for me. Reef (its parent company is Aqualitas) is one of the few certified organic producers and I think you can really taste the difference. It has quickly become one of my top three legal buys.” —Rachel Colic, Chief Strategist at YCREATIVE

Platinum Punch by Simply Bare

“The most important thing to me when deciding on a strain of cannabis, is the terpene profile. Citrus notes of Limonene pull me in and the mixture of spicy (Caryophyllene) and floral (Linalool) put a smile on my face. The strain that hits those notes and puts me in the zone to create is Platinum Punch by Simply Bare. No other brand focuses on terpene profiles like Simply Bare and I know every time I open that glass jar, I’m going to get something I like.” —Travis Mogens Petersen, Private Chef and Founder of The Nomad Cook

Sage N’ Sour by MTL

“Ouu right now I’m absolutely loving MTL Sage N’ Sour, a high THC sativa that’s terpene heavy and incredibly smooth. An amazing daytime flower that I go back to regularly.” —Gregory Gorzkowski, VP of Business Development at Materia

OG Melon by Aurora

“I’ve really been enjoying cooking with the new concentrates on the market like OG Melon by Aurora. Cooking with concentrates makes cooking with cannabis so much easier and way more tasty.” —Chef Cody Lindsay of The Wellness Soldier

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