The Best Legal Recreational Cannabis in Canada According to Top Reviewers

Article by Amanda Scriver, Leafly

CANADASTRAINS & PRODUCTS The Best Cannabis in Canada According to Top Reviewers AMANDA SCRIVER

Dry, moldy… too expensive. Canadian consumers are not afraid to be blunt when it comes to the legal cannabis available across the country.

Luckily, it’s not all doom and gloom according to some of Canada’s most vocal and well-versed cannabists. A new crop of cannabis reviewers are exploring the ever-growing options of legal bud and sharing their experiences in an effort to help guide consumers, and, dispel myths and misconceptions about what exactly is available on the legal market.

We spoke to five prominent cannabis reviewers in Canada who shared their process for reviews, how much they spend, and which products have standouts since Oct. 17.

Unity Marguerite, Vancouver, BC

Although Unity Marguerite of Vancouver spends a lot of time reviewing strains, she really considers her role as a cannabis educator.

On her YouTube channel, before she starts any review, she’ll take a look at the Health Canada guidelines to ensure what she’s discussing is compliant, “I have a list of 38 items, sometimes it can be really challenging to discuss.” She’ll then purchase three and a half grams at a time and begins to dive right in.

“I like to consume [a single product] for at least 24 hours, so then I can understand how it impacts me, without consuming it with other types of cannabis at the same time.” Her goal is to complete one deep dive strain review, every two weeks.

She looks at the price, the terpene profile, the potency and the concentration of the lead cannabinoids, the packaging and the packaging date—to name a few. She notes, “I have to take when it was packaged into consideration. If it was grown in Ontario and then it’s shipped across the country to be BC, then I know it’s being held before it’s being sent out to stores. I do try to be reasonable.”

She’s been surprised by some of the things she’s tried to date like the Jean Guy by Canaca, “when we opened that up, it was more of a popcorn bud. You’d squish it, and it was a bit powdery.” But when she went to smoke it, it was super smooth, no one was coughing and the high was really nice. “That was super interesting.”

She’s had a lot of instances like this, sharing that when she opened the LBS Ocean View strain cultivated by Tweed it was essentially dust and the moisture level was crunchy. “But I had one of the most amazing highs, so that review felt complicated, ya know?” Marguerite feels like this is indicative of a new industry having growing pains reminding me that, “we’re transitioning to a legal market, whether we like it or not.”

Pancake Nap, Calgary, Alberta

If you’ve been on Twitter in the last year, you’ve likely seen a strain review by Pancake Nap referenced by some of your favourite cannabis journalists.

Since the spring of 2016, Pancake Nap has been releasing his strain reviews online for everyone to read—he considers it a journal of sorts.

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