Telegram Able to Buy Marijuana From St. John’s Shop With Ease

Article by James McLeod, The Telegram


Marijuana sells for $12 per gram, unless otherwise labeled. Edibles start from $15 (or two for $25) and get more expensive depending on what form it takes, and how much THC it’s got.

I bought the “Green Lantern” variety for $10 a gram. I also picked up a pack of “extra strength” gummie bunny edibles, for $15.

I paid $25 cash. They don’t take debit or credit.

The friendly, cheerful woman behind the counter didn’t ask to see a prescription or what ailments I might have. I had to fill out a one-page form with my name, address, signature, phone number, email address and the date. That’s it.

I was issued an unlaminated cardboard membership card, to save me from having to fill the form out again when I come back, I guess.

As I was buying the drugs, I mostly asked questions about the product. I didn’t say that I was a journalist. But I couldn’t help but ask the question hanging over the whole room: Is this legal?

“Yes,” the lady said, with a smile.

But her co-worker, a guy standing beside her on the other side of the counter jumped in and gave a different answer.

“Somewhat,” he said. “Say, half and half. Some grey areas that allow us to operate, but those same grey areas allow us to be raided.”

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