Survey Suggests Cannabis Consumers are Incresingly Turning To Vaporizers Vs. Traditional Joins

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Survey Suggests Cannabis Consumers Are Incresingly Turning To Vaporizers Vs. Traditional Joins Benzinga Cannabis Contributors , Benzinga Staff Writer

We reached out to our consumers during this unprecedented time in history to ask them some hard hitting questions about their consumption habits during the quarantine. We have received, at the time of writing, 360 responses to our survey and wanted to share some of the insights we have gained.

As well as tackling consumption habits, we also wanted to touch on consumption methods, ie. vaporizing, joints, bongs, oil vapes and the like, as well as when in the day people were consuming. We certainly noticed an increase in our vaporizer wholesale accounts with record high interest during the pandemic.

We also touch on the changing habits of consumption and our theory as to how this data will affect the future of cannabis. has written an article about how to manage consumption during quarantine which sheds some light on managing your consumption, but largely compares it to alcohol. We’re here to shed some light on actual cannabis consumers and their habits.

Our hypothesis is that users are consuming more cannabis during quarantine and more people have moved towards vaporizers as people are worried about the adverse health effects of consuming more. Respondents were given straightforward questions with a variety of answers to enable them to be as accurate as possible when replying.

Consumption Levels

Since quarantine how have your cannabis consumption habits changed?

The data suggests that 54% of those surveyed are consuming more cannabis during the pandemic, with only 5% consuming less.

Theo Zunich, CEO of YSS and Sweet Tree, commented, “In the short term it’s going to be a little bit of a shot in the arm for the growth of the sector.”

That is certainly true, as this will help the cannabis industry grow – being a relatively new industry, especially in Canada, this might be the push the industry needs to reach its full potential.

In the long term?

Matei Olaru, CEO of Lift & CO, commented, “maybe a little bit of a prediction (of the way the market will grow). I’d be curious if you could see new long term consumers come out of this.”

Preferred Method

Since quarantine what is your preferred method to consume cannabis?

The key takeaway here is that vaporizer use jumped by approximately 30% while smoking took a dive of almost 50%. This is a pretty loaded piece of data, and I believe gives a lot of insight into how users choose their method of consumption.

Afzal Hasan, former President of Origin House, commented, “I think it’s natural, once you start to ramp up the amount that you are consuming that you’re just going to notice what that does to your body.”

Which we agree, especially when people are consuming more, they may consider switching to a less harmful alternative and choose a portable vaporizer.

If you changed the method in which you consume, why?

We also asked users why they changed their method. The biggest reason for people changing their consumption methods was concern about health – which Hasan touched on in the above quote.

But Matei Olaru, CEO of Lift & CO, expanded on that by saying, “I think it will accelerate things that were already happening, (i.e.) health conscious consumers…smoking’s been in a decline (for awhile now).”

Since quarantine how likely were you to use a vaporizer?

During quarantine people are 20% more likely to consider vaporization as a consumption method.

Not only does vaporizing help saves on costs, we actually did another survey on smoking vs vaporizing before the pandemic hit where people agreed that they felt vaporizers were less harmful.

This question pertains to people who haven’t made the switch yet, so as well as that 30% increase we saw in vaporizer use, we also see a 20% increase in people who want to make the switch.

There’s a Time and Place for Everything

Since quarantine where are you consuming cannabis?

Another possible reason for people moving from smoking towards vaporizing is the location of consumption. As the above graphic shows, indoor cannabis consumption saw a 9% increase during quarantine.

“I think it’s reflective of the fact that people are being responsible about staying home,” said Zunich.

Not everyone has a backyard or a balcony, and therefore it follows that instead of consuming outside, they are more likely to consume indoors. With less smell, a vaporizer or wax pen is an easy choice, and fits with the rest of the data we gathered.

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