Sue-Ann Levy: Easier To Get Weed Than You Think

Article by Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun

Easier to get weed than you think. Canna Clinic at 2352 Yonge St. on Tuesday June 13, 2017. Pot shops are invading sections of Toronto.

Last week, I biked from one midtown medical “weed” clinic to another with one purpose only – to see how easy it was to sign up.

Armed only with a story about needing weed for my “acute anxiety,” I returned home four hours later a client of four illegal weed dispensaries.

Each one told me, when questioned, that they were no longer needing prescriptions, only photo ID. I was asked to fill out a form which included listing my “medical issues” and agreeing to at least 10 different conditions that included recognizing what I was doing was “illegal” and that I was not to take the weed across the border.

After signing up, I was shown the emporium with containers full of different kinds of hash – reminding me of one of the popular bubble tea shops. The products had names like “Sweet Tooth,” “Kush,” “Kish,” and “Super Kush” and sold for anywhere form $7 to $11 per gram.

I left each one with the same story: That I needed to bring my wife back, who suffered from chronic pain (true) but was shy (not true), before purchasing anything.

Only one, the Canna Clinic at Yonge and Eglinton, which was busy with the comings and goings of those needing “medical” attention, refused to sell me anything until I got a doctor’s note. I had indicated on my form I’d never used weed for medical purposes before.

My latest investigation began at the end of May when I happened upon a man trying to solicit another – someone who looked to be a dealer – outside the illegal Canna Clinic near my home. When I suggested to them that we didn’t want “drug deals” going on in our residential neighbourhood, the suspected dealer – a large man – got in my face and began screaming obscenities at me.

While the encounter was not intimidating to me, I know the illegal clinics – there are 60 in total in Toronto – have been the source of many complaints from residents and businesses, largely due to the pungent odours they emit, the robberies they have precipitated, the legal business trade they’ve driven away and the type of characters they bring into a family neighbourhood.

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