Strain: Kreamy Karamel from Kannabia Seeds

Article by Cy Williams High! Canada

Strain: Kreamy Karamel from Kannabia Seeds

High! Canada Magazine has been talking to Canadian growers about their own individual grow methods, which vary greatly from grower to grower. We feel its important to examine the many different ways of producing a top-shelf harvest and is our hope that you see both the similarities and differences in what you are doing yourself and take away a little education while you do so. We were gifted a wonderful sample that smoked much more like a hybrid. We found it very lovely. It had a really earthy taste but almost citrus smelling like cantaloupe strain. The buzz was mellow and happy….no anxiety. A very delightful daytime bud all in all.

The grower did not use any PGRs but did use a little of the Terpinator from Green Planet in week 4-5. The rest was grown with Pure Blend Pro vegetative 3-2-4 and Earth Juice Sugar Peak lowering formula 2-4-5. Only vinegar and sodium bicarbonate was used for pH adjustment. No synthetic chemicals, acids or bases. Some bacteria and fungi were added to the water to assist the rhizosphere. The mother was treated as a cutting for powdery mildew with Nova (Mycobantil) months before the grow cuttings were taken from it. The cuttings were treated in days 12- 14 of a 61 day lowering cycle with Orthene (Acephate) for fungus gnats. They were lushed for 16 days with reverse osmosis, pH and Cal-Mag adjusted water.

– Hydroponically grown

– Lighting is 30% – 40% of the aspects of growing – EmersonGrow is differentiating from an educational standpoint – with Light Recipes

– Organically grown with Earth Juice Sugar Peak lowering formula

– NO PGRs (Plant Growth Regulators) used, synthetic or natural

– No synthetic pH up or down used only vinegar (-) and sodium bicarbonate (+)

– 16-day leech with organically adjusted Cal-Mag reverse osmosis water

– 61 day total lowering time

– Approximate 3-week vegetative stage

– Lightspeed electronic ballast with 1000W Hortilux Super HPS digital bulb

– 78 degrees Fahrenheit average room temperature

– No CO2 supplementation

“The Emerson Grow team was very professional, knowledgeable, helpful and respectful of my space and privacy during the entire grow.”

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