StatsCan: Over Half a Million Canadians Use Cannabis at Work

Article by Jack Choros, Leafly News

StatsCan: Over Half a Million Canadians Use Cannabis at Work JACK CHOROS The Cannabiz Agency iStock

Statistics Canada’s most recent National Cannabis Survey estimates 514,000 Canadians are using cannabis before or during work.

While age and gender don’t play a factor in terms of increasing the likelihood of consumption on the job, frequency of cannabis use does. Of cannabis consumers who use cannabis daily or almost daily, 27% of survey respondents say they also consume just before starting work or during working hours. By comparison, a mere 7% of respondents who enjoy cannabis on a more casual basis admit to doing so on the job.

Approximately 5.3 million Canadians are using cannabis in 2019, but those consumers are far from equally distributed across the nation.

Consumption rates in Ontario are rising faster than any other province, increasing from 14% to 20% in just one year.

Despite the statistical surge in consumption rates across the country, Albertans are still the most likely to consume with 21.5% of residents enjoying the plant. Canadians in Quebec (11%) and Manitoba (13%) are the least likely to light up.

Is Cannabis Consumption at Work Increasing?

American diagnostics firm Quest Diagnostics reports that the number of positive drug tests in the workplace hit a 14 year high in 2018, including rising numbers in every state where recreational cannabis is legal. The problem with these figures, however, is that they may just show increases because more tests are being conducted. It doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in consumption.

Similar studies are still in the works in Canada.

Potential Cause for Concern

Workplace cannabis consumption isn’t limited to office workers sitting in front of a computer, or creatives opening up their imagination with a bit of help from their strain of choice. In some cases, people that drive or operate heavy machinery for a living are also consuming cannabis when they should not be doing so.

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