St. John’s, B.C. and Israeli Companies Collaborate to Breed New Pot Strains

Article by Geoff Bartlett, CBC News

St. John's, B.C. and Israeli companies collaborate to breed new pot strains Project to focus on growing strains tailored to specific recreational, medical and commercial purposes Geoff Bartlett · CBC News. Three companies are working together to launch a facility in St. John's that would breed new strains of marijuana leaf tissue that could then be sold as intellectual property to licensed producers. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)

A St. John’s entrepreneur is working with two other companies to launch an operation in Newfoundland that will focus on developing different strains of cannabis and hemp.

Chris Snellen is the founder of CEPG Systems, which designs controlled-environment plant-growth systems and currently operates a hydroponic grow operation in the city’s east end that cultivates lettuce, mushrooms and other plants.

“They’ve enabled this project of Israelis and Canadians coming together in a bunker to grow marijuana.” Chris Snellen, founder of  CEPG  Systems

He’s now partnering with Future Farm Technologies of B.C. and Rahan Meristem, an Israeli company, to start a hemp breeding program in St. John’s.

The project will focus on growing new cannabis strains specifically tailored for specific medical and commercial uses.

“There are so many cannabinoids that the science is a little behind,” Snellen told CBC Radio’s On The Go.

“So what we’re hoping to do is work with the people who are breaking down exactly which cannabinoids are performing which benefits, and then breeding plants that have more of that cannabinoid in it.”

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