Smoking More Cannabis Gets a Person Higher, But There’s a Downside

Article by Maria Loreto,  The Fresh Toast

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Open more share options Breadcrumb Trail Links World News Life Culture Communities Smoking more weed gets a person higher, but there’s a downside While consuming too much weed is unlikely to be associated with dangerous side effects, bad highs are never fun. Author of the article:Maria Loreto • The Fresh Toast

Logic says that the more weed that’s smoked, the higher a person will get and the longer he or she will be able to maintain the high. This is true up to a point. When it comes to cannabis, everybody has a personal level of tolerance. And once a person gets to a certain point, the THC could make one feel drowsy, sedated and uncomfortable.

Consuming too much marijuana is never a good feeling, producing highs that may include paranoia and could last for hours. According to research, THC levels in the blood peak about eight minutes after smoking. If consumption continues, a person will get higher, but things could get very messy, resulting in a crash nap. Consider the moment that a person is tipsy and having fun, but more drinking may lead to becoming black-out drunk.

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