Roadside saliva test coming to Canada for toking and driving?

Written by Antonella Artuso for Toronto Sun

THC Breathalizer

Canadians suspected of driving while high could be required to submit to a roadside saliva test that identifies the use of marijuana, cocaine and opioids.

An oral fluid test is one of the suggestions from a discussion paper released on June 30 by the Task Force on Marijuana Legalization and Regulation.

“In contrast to alcohol, there is currently no roadside breathalyzer-type test to detect impairment with marijuana,” the task force discussion paper says. “However, roadside oral fluid tests are being used in other jurisdictions that can detect the presence of marijuana in oral fluid, which can be suggestive of recent use. This is an active area of Canadian and international research.”

“Right now, the police only have a limited behavioural test they use,” Murie said. “There’s very few officers trained to do this. And basically the public knows that and they feel fairly confident that they can — especially young people — smoke pot and drive.”

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